Suviving the Deep Freeze

Did you hear?  It’s been really cold!

The Roc didn’t have school on Monday and Tuesday due to the cold.

And we couldn’t go outside.  At all.

This coming off winter break.

Oh my.

How to survive?

Keep busy.  Or try to…

I will freely admit to watching moviesIMG_2838and playing on the iPad.  (Can you say Plants vs. Zombies obsession?)


The Roc also slept in a bit and I was happy to have him be my alarm clock.  Even if he was a bit louder and he only “rested” for about two minutes when I let him get in my bed…

2014-01-07 09.04.12

The Roc did help me bake some cookies.



IMG_2802We balanced out those cookies with fruit/veggie smoothies.



IMG_2815The Roc did a few craft projects from the art kit he got for Christmas, he colored in his coloring books, and as a grasp at straws I had him glue all those box tops onto some sheets to send into school.

IMG_2844I still think that GC may have found it hard to concentrate when the Roc visited him at work…



But he was nice enough to make pizza for us.

2014-01-05 18.12.27

He also took the dog outside so I wouldn’t have to.  (What a guy!)  (The poor dog could hardly walk in these wind chills.)


How did I stay sane?

I spent some time in the basement with this guy on Monday,


then I watched Jane Eyre while running on the treadmill yesterday,


and I kept my eye on to make sure we were going to be approaching zero degrees on Wednesday, which would mean school’s back in session!



5 thoughts on “Suviving the Deep Freeze

  1. No doubt my treadmill keeps me sane and we have only been at the 13 degree mark so we were in school. YEA! Nothing like you guys are having. Hope that school is back in session. Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Sounds like you had some good ideas to keep him busy! How do you get him to drink smoothies?! Awesome! Hope he’s back in school today–I did the dance of joy when my 3 were off to school this a.m.!

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