My wish for the Roc

My wish for the Roc in 2014 and beyond.

May I work to find and foster connections for him so he can have acceptance, with himself and from those around him.  May those who encounter him not just accommodate him, but celebrate him, for he is worth celebration.  May those who work with him find joy in the process.  May he be loved, not because of obligation, but truly loved, for he deserves nothing less.

I will build the Roc a family of relatives and friends who accept him, celebrate him, and love him.

Inspired by words written by an autism mama friend.  Words that have stuck with me since I read them a few short months ago.  Words that I wrote down, because we all deserve as much:

“At the end of the day, there was so very much to be grateful for. But this — this is what I will remember most.  Not just tolerance, but acceptance. Not just accommodation, but celebration. Not just patience, but joy. Not a sense of obligation, but LOVE.”

If only we could all have this.  If only it were easy.

My wish for the Roc will take more than a year.  It will take more than 2014.

It will take me a lifetime.

It is worth working for.

He is worth everything.


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