Happy, Happy Eve

There was a lot of joy on Christmas Eve.  The Roc was so excited, mostly for present opening, but also for my parents to come over and for all of us to eat together.  He loves to have “family dinners” and he adores saying, “Cheers!” and clinking his glass.  Don’t try to make a toast before he has his water cup!  The day before, as GC was prepping some of the seafood for our feast the Roc came up to him in the kitchen and said, “Daddy, I’m going to stuff my belly tomorrow!”

The Roc’s excitement was palatable (for a few days) and he was bouncing off the walls on Christmas eve.  He had to wait until the afternoon to for my parents to come over, and not long after they arrived I let him open a Christmas puzzle I had gotten for the very purpose of keeping him busy while he waited for the meal to be ready.

He worked on the puzzle with my mom.IMG_2629

GC got to cooking,



and drinking,

IMG_2642while the Roc and Grandma continued on the puzzle.  I had worried it might be to hard, but he was getting it, fitting many pieces together by himself.

IMG_2641At some point in the evening they finished it!  The Roc was super proud.

IMG_2732My dad was content to sit and eat a little appetizer, with an audience.

IMG_2640I put my camera down during dinner, but the food was amazing.  I am lucky to be married to an Italian.  He makes a huge seafood feast and I get to enjoy it!

As soon as dinner was over the Roc was ready to open some presents from his family back East and those lucky enough to live near the mountains.

IMG_2652My parents were happy to relax,


and GC continued to drink!

IMG_2655After watching the Grinch, a Christmas Eve tradition,

IMG_2663and setting out milk, cookies, and a carrot (with a cover on the milk!)


the Roc went to bed, and just like last year, GC passed out early from exhaustion…and wine.

I had the house to myself.  I enjoyed all of our trees,



IMG_2687and the cats were happy to come back up from the basement.


I went to bed and Santa came.


It was a wonderful day.  I love how my parents embrace the Roc and take him as he is.  There is no greater gift for me than seeing them together.



2 thoughts on “Happy, Happy Eve

  1. Glad your Christmas was joyous and bright. Your Roc is getting big and growing up. Glad to hear the puzzle was not too hard… 🙂 Happy New Year! (PS. Still love his ear to ear smile. It warms my heart.)

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