Skeleton x3

The Roc wanted to be a zombie this year for Halloween, complete with face painting and fake blood.  GC spent some time watching behind the scenes vidoes of The Walking Dead and thought he could make the Roc look pretty scary.  But there was rain in the forecast and we were pretty sure he wouldn’t like the feel of makeup on his face, especially if that makeup was melting off his face due to the rain.  So we easily convinced him to be a skeleton again this year.  The same costume he worn in 2011 and 2012.  We found a cheap skeleton mask for GC and a skeleton costume for Guinness, which the Roc was really excited about.  I am exempt from dressing up, my excuse being I don’t want to scar little children, which I think the Roc understands now as he told me that a little kid cried when he saw Daddy.

IMG_1852He was pretty creepy looking!



IMG_1862The dog and I sat with neighbors in the cul-de-sac, handing out candy while GC took the Roc around the neighborhood.  They came back with a full bucket of candy and then headed out for more.  We told the Roc he could keep some candy and trade the rest in for money, ten cents a piece.  He got lucky near the end when a guy said he was done for the night and he dumped the rest of his candy into the Roc’s pumpkin bucket!



He doesn’t know what he’s saving up for, but he made twenty five dollars!




2 thoughts on “Skeleton x3

  1. I would have cried too!! Very scary masks!! We have a dentist in town who buys back the kids’ candy, $1 per pound. But I think 10 cents a piece might be a better deal!

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