I didn’t cry (this time)

I think I teared up at every single practice and game during the Roc’s first season on his special hockey team last year.  Whether I was watching the Roc overcome his huge fear, stand up on the ice for the first time, move forward for the first time, skate(!) without holding on to anyone for the first time, or talking to another parent – I cried every Sunday.  I loved watching the Roc be a part of special hockey and was excited for this year’s season to start again.

Last weekend was the annual meeting and open skate down at Mariucci arena on the University of Minnesota campus.  The Roc was ready to go.

IMG_1445There was none of the anxiety and fear of last year.  The Roc asked if he would be able to skate, as he was worried he wouldn’t remember, and he was worried that he would fall.  But he happily suited up and got on the ice with GC (who is going to be volunteering as a coach this year!)




He did fall down a few times, but he got right back up!  (and he didn’t want any help from Goldy!)


The young Gopher player who helped the Roc last year


IMG_8700was there again this year and she was delighted to see the Roc skating without any assistance.


It was so fun to watch him!


I think GC had fun too (even though his helmet is too small for his head!)


I got through the whole meeting and open skate without shedding a tear, just lots of smiling!  We are excited to see what this new season of special hockey will bring!


4 thoughts on “I didn’t cry (this time)

  1. Awesome! You know I get and love this. Tell the Roc that skating is one of those skills you never forget once you master. He’s a skater and will be one for life. Great stuff. Hope you have a wonderful season.

  2. Fantastic! Good for the Roc! I’m so happy that your family has special hockey. How cool for GC that he gets to help coach this year! I bet that will be amazing for him. Here’s to more smiles for ALL of you!!!!

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