Indiana roadtrip, a photo story

My mom and I took the Roc to Indiana at the end of August to visit my grandmother.  We drove…

Until we were stopped by the police because of an accident and the helicopter that needed to land on the freeway.

IMAG0680That night my mom had a (huge!) drink.  (I think spending 8 hours trapped in the car with the Roc and I may have had something to do with her desire for alcohol.)

IMAG0681I decided against the drink, and the Roc and I shared a dessert instead.  I will always pick chocolate over alcohol.  Even after spending 8 hours in the car.IMAG0683My grandmother lives in a small town and there isn’t too much to do at her house.  This can spell disaster for a guy like the Roc so we took him to a nearby lake to wear him out.  He will only smile once, so you had better catch it if you want a happy picture.

IMG_1283Otherwise you get this face.  Still cute…to me.

IMG_1284He is usually smiling while he’s swimming.

IMG_1294Especially if you swim with him.


But don’t try to take too many pictures.

IMG_1329The Roc enjoyed watching my uncle and cousins on the tractor.  So did Zora the dog.

IMG_1369GC flew in just for the weekend, and he enjoyed hanging out with the family.  Even if his face doesn’t always show it.


The Roc ended up watching movies, coloring, and playing with play dough at the house.



We saw lot more of this face as the weekend wore on,

IMG_1402(I’m working on writing more about this face…the sound(!) that goes with it, the aftermath, and words that sting.  It is not easy.)

and I tried to get him out of the house when I could.  I even got him to go running (well, walk/run, with more walking than running) with me.  We would go to the end of a dirt road and back, about 3.75 miles round trip.   A couple times we caught a beautiful sunset.

Camera HDR Studio - 1377389534090

In all we had a nice visit with my grandmother, aunt and uncle, and my aunt’s mother.  It was nice to see my grandmother smile and spend time with her.



In the end I was ready to get back home and get started on the new school year.  Back to structure, routine, and a little break each day (for me.)  We just had to drive all the way home.  I reminded my mom that I had a pair of ear plugs she could use…



3 thoughts on “Indiana roadtrip, a photo story

  1. Love it, especially the pictures. Roc and Indiana–I grew up in rural northwest Indiana, so the land looks very familiar to me. Feeling a little homesick now for my mom reading about yours 🙂

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