A tale of two birthdays

The Roc turned nine while we were in South Carolina and he was lucky enough to have two celebrations.  First we celebrated at my in-laws house on the Roc’s actual birthday.  My MIL, the Roc, and I went out that morning to get some decorations and some cake.  We got to decorating when we got back to the house.  Uncle Chelch and Guinness slept on the couch.  Both had good reason, Chelch because he flew overnight from CO and Guinness…because he’s a dog.



My cousin, who moved to Charleston last summer, was able to come up and help us celebrate.  It was so fun to see him.


IMG_0425We had a very nice meal and then the Roc was able to have some cake, which was what he was waiting for all afternoon.



It was a nice little celebration.



The real party came a few days later when we went down to my SIL’s house.  The Roc wanted an angry birds/pool party so we took all the kids over to the pool,



IMG_0609before coming back for a meal and some pinata bashing.  We let the Roc go first,


but it was his cousin Aiden who busted the tiki head open!


The kids were all very gracious and let the Roc go in and get some candy because he was really worried about all the kids rushing in.  Uncle G helped the Roc pick out some candy.


When he had picked up a few of each kind, he took a step back and the rest of the kids ran to fill up their bags.


Then Uncle G had some fun with the tiki head.


The Roc was so excited to come back inside for cupcakes,


and presents!


He was very happy to get angry birds toys and he and his cousin Bella got to playing right away.

IMG_0832 It all proved too much for Uncle G and he just laid down on the floor and went to sleep…

IMG_0826At this point the poor man had been awake for over 30 hours!  Unlike Uncle G, it was hard getting the Roc to go to sleep that night.  He was so wired up and overstimulated from the day, but he had such a great birthday party and lots of fun with his cousins (and his cousin’s cousins who were visiting!)


And this has nothing to do with the Roc’s birthday celebration(s) but I stopped and stared at something I saw in my SIL’s neighborhood:  See that dark shape below the bench in the next photo?  You know, a bench you are supposed to sit on and relax?

Yup, you’re right!  That’s an ALLIGATOR!  o.m.g


There is no sign like this one in my neighborhood in Minnesota!





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