Summer blur: July

July 2013

The Roc really, really wanted to try fireworks this year on the 4th of July.  Back in Delaware we were lucky to be able to sit inside, and watch the fireworks behind the glass of our floor to ceiling windows.  He did watch them once outside, but they were far away that year, so it wasn’t as scary.  This year we decided to bring him to a fireworks display, where we would have a harder time escaping if it became too much for the Roc.  He was a bit worried, (as was I) and kept asking when they were going to start as we walked to the ball field at my old high school.  We convinced him to watch a movie on his iPad while he waited.


He was anxious about being caught unaware when they started, so he stopped his movie when it got darker, and then repetitively asked us when the fireworks would start and if they would be loud.  During the fireworks he wore his noise canceling headphones and sat on GC’s lap, wrapped in a blanket to keep the mosquitoes from biting him.  He LOVED the fireworks.

Loved them.  It was such a joy to see him so excited and hear him say, “Wow!” over and over.  We waited for the right time for him.


GC’s friend from New York, Jared, stopped by our house while he was on a skydiving road trip.  It was wonderful to see him and he enjoyed our screened in porch so much that he slept in it!



We surprised the Roc more than once and went to Dairy Queen!



This kid loves his ice cream!


The Roc had ESY for three weeks in July, and he continued with his hippotherapy, music therapy, occupational therapy, and his once a week skills trainer in the afternoons after summer school.  His only free day during the week was on Fridays.


The Roc and I went to a nearby lake to swim one Friday afternoon towards the end of July.  I told him before we went that I would swim a little and play in the sand a little, but I would also sit on the blanket and read my book while he played in the sand by himself.  I’ve been really trying to get him to entertain himself a bit, there’s only so much playing I can do.  He agreed to my terms and he did fine while at the lake, actually more than fine.



The beach was pretty empty and we stayed late into the afternoon.  The Roc had lots of space to himself and I got to swim a little, play a little, and read a little.


It was an afternoon that reminded me just how far we have come.  A few years ago I couldn’t have imagined that we would get to a place where I could sit back and watch the Roc play.  There were a few factors that helped: the lack of people in our area, so there were no children screaming and splashing near him, and the water and sand, but I’ll take it.  Progress.


At the end of July we headed out on a road trip to South Carolina to visit GC’s side of the family.  Months ago we had thought we would fly, but just couldn’t stomach the price of airfare, and we never bought tickets.  Then we bought a hybrid car in May and it was decided – we would drive to SC.  You just cannot beat an average of 58 miles to the gallon, even if you are going to drive over 3,000 miles in two weeks!  We were hoping for an easy drive and were concerned about having the Roc in the car for 21 hours of driving…


He watched a LOT of movies in the iPad, but we made it!  The Roc was so excited to go to South Carolina, he kept telling us that he was going to swim in the ocean this year.  He hadn’t been to the ocean since 2010, and while he did go in one time during that trip, he was still wracked with anxiety about the waves.  I was hopeful that he would overcome his fear this year and really let go at the beach…

Next up, tales from South Carolina!  (and lots of beach photos!)


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