Summer blur: June

I meant to keep better track of this summer.  I wanted to make sure to document the Roc’s activities, because this has been a full summer for him.  Because it was full for him, it was full for me too, and I didn’t find much time to write about what we were doing.  So here I sit, at the end of summer, using my photos to spark my memory, because I want to record this summer with words as well as photos.

June 2013

The Roc went to a special needs day camp the week after school got out in June and was able to go at the same time as a friend (a friend!.)  A girlfriend of mine has a son on the spectrum the same age as the Roc.  We’ve gotten them together for play dates, and they get along really well.  Last spring I told her about the day camp, and she mentioned that J had gone last year, and so we signed them up for the same week this summer.  We carpooled and I did pick up in the afternoons.  It was hysterical and deafening listening to them in the back chattering over each other at top volume those first couple days.  And the bathroom humor…oh my.  They both want to go again next summer.


The next week the Roc did half day social skills camp where they met at different places (bowling, an indoor play park, the aquarium at MOA, golf) and worked on the themes presented in the Superflex books.  He enjoyed the activities more than the “talking part,” especially this awesome indoor play ground.

IMAG0545My mom and I took him to the Rainforest Cafe at the MOA after the camp met at the aquarium.  He enjoyed the rain, not so much the thunder.  I didn’t think it would bother him as he doesn’t seem afraid of real thunderstorms.  But he was anxious and right away said he was scared.  The hostess took his que and sat us in away from some of the action, but where he could still see a huge fish tank and he had rain right behind him.  He loved it.



ESY started in June and continued through most of July.  The Roc came home most days with a smile.  He told me he wished third grade would be half day like summer school.  I bet.


The Roc has been writing more to express himself.  He writes and draws cards for me, and sometimes for GC (but mostly for me.)

He spent some time one morning in June working on a book he titled, If You Take A Mouse Camping, and came up with each page on his own.  I would write out what he wanted to say on a white board and he would copy it down and then draw a picture.


He was so very proud of himself when he finished it, and he said it was for GC.


He has also used writing to express his displeasure with my discipline tactics.  We have gone through a rough period of lots of screaming, yelling, screeching, and talking back this summer.  The Roc is so very easily frustrated and his immediate reactions that so easily turn into full on meltdowns are hard on all of us.  He is also being deliberately disrespectful, which has added an extra challenge, for all of us.  One evening, out of sheer frustration, I sent him to his room each time he screamed/yelled/screeched.  When he exploded over being sent to his room I put one of his (many) stuffed animals in my closet and told him he had to earn it back with good behavior.  At first this caused a HUGE eruption.  Later after more tears and screams he came to find me to show me what he thought of my new rule.


“Not good.”

About ten minutes later he came to show me this.


He must have forgiven me because the next day he was busy making me signs and cards.



I’m glad he is learning to express himself.  We just need to get the volatile emotions under control.

At the end of June we went camping.  We love to camp and the Roc is an outdoor kiddo.  Unfortunately we encountered some RAIN and spent the first day inside the tent or walking around in the rain (the Roc and I.)  It was a long day.  But the rain let up in the afternoon and we were able to get out for a few hours before it started again.

IMG_9616 IMG_9628 IMG_9633 IMG_9638 IMG_9650

The rest of the weekend was nice!IMG_9651 IMG_9652 IMG_9668 IMG_9679 IMG_9683

June flew by so fast.

Next up, July!

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