Roc-isms, Part X

“Mommy, I can’t sleep.  I was thinking about scary things again.  Wouldn’t it be super scary if zombies were real and they came out of the ground and ate your brains?  I wouldn’t want that to happen.”

“Me neither Roc.”


“Sometimes I don’t like to drink water, but I always like to watch rushing water.  That’s my kind of thing.  Did you know that?”

Yup.  I did.


“Dinosaurs are extinct.  They made enenomies….enormies…enromies…”

“Are you trying to say enemies?”

“Yes!  The dinosaurs got caught in some nets by the enemies and now they are all dead.  Now there are just bones.  Right?  Right?  Right?”

“Umm.  I think we need to have a longer discussion about why the dinosaurs are no longer around.”

“Not right now Mommy, I’m busy.”


“Why are you so crabby Daddy?  You’re like a big angry big foot!”


“You just have to deal with it Mommy.  Life is perfect the way it is.”


3 thoughts on “Roc-isms, Part X

  1. Ha! Always love these. My favorite is the one about the rushing water.

    Here’s an ism from my son from yesterday. (Context: He and I were making oatmeal scotchie cookies for a school snack and I had been reluctant to let him roll the dough into balls instead of just dropping it off the spoon because they are “drop cookies”. This is our conversation after all the cookies came out looking just fine):

    Me: These are your cookies, and they look great! I’m sorry I tried to stop you from rolling your cookies into balls. I can be a little controlling of what happens in my kitchen.

    Son: What do you mean by “controlling”?

    Me: Well, I tend to do things a certain way and like things done in that exact same way in my kitchen, and I can get a little cranky when people try things differently.

    Son: Oh. Well, you shouldn’t say “my kitchen” because it’s not “your kitchen” anyway, it’s “our kitchen,” and I can do things the way I want to since it’s my kitchen too.

    Me, balking a little inside at having just surrendered some of my kitchen territory to an eight-year-old: Ok…but within reason.

    Son: OUR kitchen.

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