Roc-isms, Part IX

While running around the house like a lunatic,

“Mommy, I’m really wild out right now.”

“Really wild?”

“No, I said wild OUT.  The wild is OUT Mommy.”


“We’ll meet them somewhere Roc, don’t worry.”

“No, that doesn’t make any sense.  A place doesn’t talk.  You can’t meet a place Mommy!” 


One day, in a very frustrating moment, I said to the Roc, “You had better turn yourself around mister.  I do not like your attitude.”

A week later we were at the grocery store, the third store of the evening, and the Roc was running low and going down hill fast.  I gave him a look when he began to screech in the produce section.  He looked at me and then started spinning around in circles.

“What are you doing Roc?!”

“I’m turning myself around Mommy.”



“Am I having pasta for dinner?”


“Pasta with tomato sauce?”


“Pasta with tomato sauce and parmasean cheese?”


“Am I having pasta for dinner?  With tomato sauce and cheese?”


“Parmasean cheese?”

“Oh my God!  Roc!”

“Whoopsie, sorry about that Mommy.  My brain got broken for a minute.”


“You look so cuddly Mommy…just like a bird.”


“I would really like to see a grizzly bear mommy.  They are so cute and they bite so hard.  What do you think would happen if I saw a grizzly bear mommy?  Would it eat me?… It wouldn’t eat me.  Bears eat berries and honey and bees, and I don’t look like a bee.”


3 thoughts on “Roc-isms, Part IX

  1. OMG… So funny. He is so much like my little one, especially asking the same thing over and over…. They are all so black and white AND very concrete…

    THANKS for sharing.

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