Key West! (lots of pictures + a few words)

I can hardly even type it, it sounds so decadent, so frivolous, so over the top.  I had a hard time saying it out loud before I left.

“I’m going to Key West with my best friend Christa for 5 nights and 6 days…”

Who does that?

We did.

It was wonderful.

Last year started our tradition, one we plan to keep, of getting together somewhere each fall.  In January we decided Key West would be our destination for 2012.

When we met up at the Atlanta airport it felt like I had just seen Christa yesterday, we picked up right where our phone calls and emails left off, and talked during the whole flight down to Key West.

There is so much I could say about this trip, but it boils down three things for us: the places, the conversation, and the food.

Christa and I always laughed after our conversations with the locals.  They would first ask us if it was our first time to Key West, yes for me, no for Christa.  Then they would go on and tell us all the bars we should visit.  Sometimes we told them our truth: we came to see stuff, talk until we ran out of breath, and eat really good food…loud bars hold no interest for us.

1) The places

We went to the butterfly and nature conservatory.

We sat for the longest time in a little gazebo watching the butterflies.  I tried and tried to get a picture of these huge blue butterflies but they never stopped moving!

One of my favorite places was the Hemingway house.

Christa, a writer, enjoyed seeing where Hemingway wrote many of his great works and thought she would definitely be able to produce a lot in this little writing space!

I enjoyed the six-toed cats!

We went up into the light house.

We took a walk one morning so I could take some pictures of the ocean,

and my legs to prove I was there.

We walked through the Key West garden club.

We went to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park and parked ourselves on a couple lounge chairs for a few hours.

We walked and walked on this trip.  On our last full day we walked by the Little White House.

and then down this beautiful quiet street where all the really rich people have houses!

2) The conversation

Christa and I spent a lot of time here,

laughing, talking, tearing up, giggling, snorting, hooting, and talking some more in our little cottage.  Some days we were lazy, staying in our room talking until lunch time.  There were so many times I told myself to remember something Christa said, I even jokingly told her to repeat herself so I could write it down.  I’ve written and deleted about ten different sentences trying to describe what went down in this little cottage, how the words we spoke filled me up and fuel me now, weeks later, but I just haven’t been able to do it justice.

I’ll just say nourishing, which leads well into the next section…

3) The FOOD!

Everyday we ATE.  Oh my, the food.  And the drinks.  I was especially excited the first night.

Who wouldn’t be excited to eat this:

We went to a wonderful Cuban restaurant one night.

Every morning while I slept in Christa popped over to Anna’s Cuban Cafe to grab some coffee and a little breakfast.  Our cottage was right behind Anna’s and we ate lunch there a few times.

We went to a fabulous tapas restaurant one night and also after reading many positive reviews we tried Garbos Grill.  A little roadside stand.

Delicious food.

There wasn’t a lot of seating,

but there were chickens!

We had breakfast at the six-toed cat one morning.

It was the best french toast I’ve ever eaten!

On our final morning we took a peak at the sunrise,

and then grabbed breakfast (I should have photographed Christa’s breakfasts on more than one occasion because while I go for the sweets, she is a bit more well rounded in her food choices)

We saw, we talked, and we ate very, very well on our adventure to Key West!

Now we need to plan our 2013 getaway!



4 thoughts on “Key West! (lots of pictures + a few words)

  1. AWESOMENESS!!! Friends are the best…. Glad you could go and FILL YOUR OWN CUP like you fill the ROCS and your hubs everyday…. I must get to Key West someday. It looks lovely.

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