Three Things in September

1) The Roc started 2nd grade!

Back to routine, structure, and predictability (some what anyway.)

2) The Roc started his next round of swimming lessons,

and also hippotherapy!

He did therapeutic horseback riding in Delaware and really liked it.  Every place I checked into around here was much more expensive than what we paid out of pocket in Delaware, so much more that we couldn’t pay out of pocket, and so I shelved the idea for a long time.  Recently the Roc received a grant we could use to pay for the sessions, and the place I was interested in had an opening.  The owner is a wonderful occupational therapist who told me this weekend that when she screens people who want to work for her, they must believe it is a privilege to work with these kids.  If they don’t, if they view it as just a job, she doesn’t want them.  I got a little teary eyed as she spoke with such passion about the changes she has seen in the children she has worked with.  She is so upbeat, yet has a very calming quality, and the Roc tries really hard for her.  She has gotten the Roc to do things on the horse that he has never done before – he got up on his hands and knees on the back of the horse this weekend and he also trotted!  She pushes him and it’s so good for him.  The Roc has an OT evaluation with her in two weeks and we hope to add some individual OT with her at the hospital to his after school schedule.

3)  I went to Key West with Christa for 5 nights!  A mommy get-a-way we will never forget!

2 thoughts on “Three Things in September

  1. Oh my god. Five nights? Hooray for you. Sounds amazing. And I love that you have been able to get back to hippotherapy. We’ve never tried it, but everyone certainly raves about it. How does the Roc like 2nd grade?

  2. Wow… It is always good to get-away…. My Gabs has a “horse-connection” as well. Although, we don’t do it during the school year. She does a week of horse camp every year in the summer and LOVES IT with a passion. She wants us to buy her a horse and tie it to her tampoline. (Alas, our neighborhood association would not approve.) We too have started 2nd grade and so far – so good. I hope the ROC makes a connection this year and finds a friend that he can relate to. Still love your sweet boy’s smile. I know that must light up your heart. My Gab’s smile lights up my heart too!!!


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