August Travel Part 1, Colorado

We’ve been very busy this August, and hardly home.  We had the Roc’s party on the first day of August.  Two days later we were in the van traveling south and west, Colorado bound.  The Roc was all smiles, as he always is at the beginning of a trip.  The boy loves to travel.  The built in DVD player and wireless headphones are a sanity saver, as are the ear plugs GC and I wore the last forty-five minutes of our 7 hour drive.

It was HOT in Nebraska when we stopped to eat, swim, and sleep.

The day after we arrived in CO we went to another birthday party for the Roc at his great-aunt and uncles house.

The morning of the party GC and his brother were headed out to the grocery store.  I whispered for him to go to Toys R Us and get the Roc some sort of pirate ship.  They bought the first one they saw, grabbing it off an end cap, and it turned out to be his favorite toy.  He played with it for the rest of the day, pushing it around the floor, shooting the cannons.  It was amazing, he was really playing and entertaining himself!  Aunt Sandy asked if she could clean up the wrapping paper, remembering when we had a little birthday party for him three years ago and he had to rip all the paper into teeny, tiny pieces.  He was more interested in playing with his new pirate ship this year, we cleaned up the paper and he didn’t flinch.  How far we have come.

I went with my mother-in-law, Patty, and Aunt Sandy to the celestial seasonings facility.  We enjoyed some tea, took the tour, and spent some quality time in the gift shop.  Afterwards we found a nice little restaurant, had lunch, and a couple margarita’s outside.  It was so nice to get away and have an all girls afternoon.

We went to Estes park one day and did the same very long hike we did back in 2009, only this time the Roc came along.  I’ll admit that I was worried he wouldn’t be able to complete the hike without melting down.  GC assured me the Roc could do it.  We made sure someone was watching out for him at all times, I had visions of him tumbling down the mountain.

When we were back, I checked the map near the parking lot and realized we hiked nine miles.  The Roc hiked NINE miles!

Nine miles in the mountains!

We saw some wildlife on the side of the road and stopped so I could jump out and take a picture.

GC and I took the Roc to Breckenridge the next day, stopping at Loveland Pass on the way.

We ate at the same Mexican restaurant we ate at in 2009.

It was still good.  Just looking at this picture makes me hungry.  The Roc ate his meal and then helped me finish mine!  Yum!

The Roc was excited to ride the gondola.  He begged to get back on as soon as we got off.  He quickly moved on when we mentioned finding some ice cream!

We also visited the Denver aquarium one afternoon.  The Roc really enjoyed it.  My mother-in-law reminded me of our experience at the aquarium in Myrtle Beach a few years ago.  How the three of us had to surround the Roc, he didn’t want any strangers near him.  I had to carry him through part of it, and he wasn’t as engaged as he is now. It was another moment of realizing how far we’ve come.  It is hard to be so far away from GC’s family, but it gives us perspective we wouldn’t otherwise have.  Living this life day to day, wrapped up in what we need to do for the Roc, it’s easy to forget what the Roc struggled with a few years ago.

One of my favorite moments came when the Roc saw this big tiger.  He put his hand up to his mouth and gasped.   It was adorable.

During this trip we spent a lot of family time together.  It was wonderful to have this time and the Roc loved all the family dinners.

The trip went fast, and before we knew it, we were packing the van and getting ready to head to Mount Rushmoore!


3 thoughts on “August Travel Part 1, Colorado

  1. BRAVO… What a great trip. Looks like the ROC is doing better and better all the time. We have started 2nd grade and we got the teacher we requested. Having the right teacher is H*U*G*E!!! I hope the ROC has a great school year this year. I know he will. Clearly, he has a TERRIFIC family with a strong support system in place. Your trip is making memories for the ROC and in my opinion is a terrific choice for him. He will remember these days fondly!!!


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