July in Pictures

Last summer was full of big life changes for all of us.  It was exciting and hard.  I wanted this summer to be easier, less stressful, and more fun.  I worried about how the Roc and I would fare though, because 12 weeks is a long time to be together.  I kept us busy in June and made sure July was no different.

There are so many stories from July.  Too many.

So much progress, some heartache, a public meltdown like we haven’t seen in over a year, parenting mistakes, short tempers, laughter, joy, an exploding imagination, talking, talking, talking, tears, frustration, screaming, a visit with my aunt, chances to talk with another adult while my boy played – really, and truly played with another child, a social skills group, a picnic with special needs hockey, new books, summer school at home that wasn’t, and kindness of strangers who open their home and give their time.

There will never be enough time for all of these stories.  I tried to write about them as they happened, my dashboard is full of half started posts, descriptions of our day(s) that fade to a blinking cursor.  I stressed at first, wanting to record it all…and then I let it go.  I used my phone and my camera to record where we were and what we were doing.

Here is our July in pictures.

We visited a new lake,

and different lake with a new friend.

The Roc worked hard during swimming lessons.

He even went under water to grab rings off the bottom of the pool!  (with a little help from his swim instructor.)

We went on a couple picnics,

toured a beautiful garden,

and took the water obsessed Roc to the dam.

The Roc had a blast at a splash pad near GC’s work,

and the one close to our house.

I enjoyed many of these on our porch.

We went to the zoo.

My Aunt Donna came to town for a visit.  This lady is something truly special.  A one of a kind, they don’t make em’ like her anymore kind of person.

The Roc got to meet a new family and they were kind enough to let him ride their pony.  He had a blast riding and then playing with their little boy A.

I snapped one of my all time favorite pictures of the Roc after a trip to Target where he begged, begged me to get him this hat.

We capped off July by introducing my parents to 5-guys,

and autism awareness day at the Twins in the blazing sun.

Only 2 weeks until school starts for the Roc!  I can hardly believe it!


2 thoughts on “July in Pictures

  1. WOW… You WERE busy. Looks like fun was had by all. We started school “down south” today. My Gabs is a big girls 2nd grader. I hope the year goes well for ALL OF US.

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