August Travel Part 2, SD + MN

We left Colorado with two more people in the van than we arrived with.  My in-laws had flown from South Carolina to Colorado the week before we arrived, and then rode home with us to Minnesota.  We stopped in South Dakota to visit Mount Rushmore and spent the night at a nearby hotel.

I tried to get the Roc to pose by this teepee, but he wasn’t having any of it.

He had to sit on every single bench we passed on the little trail though, and after many photos capturing his anger at my pointing the camera his direction, I got this shot.

I just love that smile and those bright eyes.

After dinner we headed down to the hotel pool and the Roc was surprised to find a water slide there.  He was hesitant and GC and I pushed him too hard to go down.  As soon as he got to the top and saw the rushing water, he could not bring himself to get on.  No matter how many times I explained that the water wass only spraying out at the top of the slide to get it going, his fear was too overwhelming, and he walked back down the stairs in tears.  I shouldn’t have pushed.  I still feel bad as he was very stuck on the fact that he didn’t go down the slide, and I know without a doubt that my pushing made him feel worse.  Sometimes I have a hard time controlling my emotions, and I definitely learned a lesson that night.

We had a very long, very boring drive across South Dakota and back home the next day.  Very long.  Very boring.  Some screaming for the last hour…or so.

We spent one day at home unpacking, doing laundry, and then repacking for a short(er) road trip to the north shore.  We stopped at Split Rock and hiked up to a look out, then back down to let the Roc throw rocks.

We all enjoyed the view from the balcony at our condo when we arrived.

The Roc enjoyed the pool after dinner.

Guinness enjoyed being there…I don’t know about the hug.

Especially because he looked like this 2 seconds after the above photo.

And then this.

“Help me!” his eyes seem to say.

The next day we went to Cascade State Park to see the waterfalls.  Of course.

Then we continued north to Grand Marais where we walked out to the light house and around the little town,

then stopped to eat at The Angry Trout.  The weather was so warm we were able to eat out on the deck, which was wonderful because they allow dogs on the deck and we had Guinness with us.  He was perfectly behaved under the table, our waitress didn’t even know he was there.

We drove on to Grand Portage where we saw some wildlife,

a really tall waterfall,

and Canada (that’s Canada across the river.)

My in-laws really enjoyed seeing the North Shore and I’m so glad we took them.  I have so many childhood memories of camping up north, I always like sharing that part my beautiful state.

We were all so tired after our long trip from CO and then our northern MN trip, but we did make some time to go see my Mom’s beautiful yard,

and we convinced my father-in-law to make calzones for us,

as well as pizza!

It is hard being so far away from GC’s family, seeing them during the school year is something we gave up when we moved from the East Coast to the middle of the country.  I’m so glad we were able to overlap our trips and bring them to see our new home.

And now they know that it doesn’t snow in August – so they’ll definitely come back!


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