Week 3: BWCA!

The Roc and I muddled through the beginning of week 3.  We had been together non-stop since school let out and we definitely needed a little break from each other.  On Wednesday afternoon I dropped him off at my parents house for a 5 night sleepover.  FIVE nights.  GC and I had been gearing up for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) for a few weeks.  We spent Wednesday afternoon packing our packs, picking up a few last minute items, and grabbing some ice cream at Cold Stone to celebrate 9 years together.  We left the house around 3 am Thursday morning for a 5 hour drive to our BWCA entry point.

After stopping at the ranger station we drove to our entry point on Brule lake.  It was too windy to photograph our start and it took some time to battle the waves across the lake.  We portaged and finally got through a few smaller lakes, where the wind wasn’t as big of a factor.

We entered Winchell lake pretty tired and it was still very windy, so we decided to find a campsite.  GC got to work setting up the tent,

while the dog took a rest.  He couldn’t keep his eyes open.

Later GC got to work again making us dinner.  (Are you wondering what I’m doing while he’s working?  I’m documenting it all of course!)

We were lazy on Friday.  We slept in, made breakfast, paddled around a little, (forgot our permit back at the campsite so we decided no to go too far in case we encountered a ranger) GC took a nap, and I sat down down by the water reading for over an hour.  It was pretty warm so I decided to go in the lake.

I’m smiling, but I was only in for a few minutes.  It was C.O.L.D!

GC’s face is a better representation of what the water felt like.

We (GC) made dinner and we hung out around camp.

Then I went down by the water and waited for the sun to set.

The moon came out and we couldn’t believe how light it was at almost 10 pm.

On Saturday we decided to pack up,  move back towards our entry point, and look for a different campsite.

We ended up back on Brule lake and all the sites we were paddling by were taken.  We had just about given up hope when we found that one of the best sites on the lake was empty.  I remembered paddling by it when we first entered the lake on Thursday and yelling over the wind to GC that it was an awesome site.

GC did a little fishing,

and kissed the pup.

Who really wished he could swim after those sticks.

We sat by the fire as the sun started it’s decent

talking about how crazy we were.  Most people go away to a resort for their anniversary.  We went into the woods.  I pointed out that we were on an island and we did have our own version of a palm tree… sort of.

The lake was so calm we decided to go for an evening paddle.

Which was totally worth it.

On Sunday we got up, packed up, and headed for the van.

Guinness was done.

GC was still smiling.

We said goodbye to one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  An awesome trip.  It was a wonderful, much needed break from the everyday.


3 thoughts on “Week 3: BWCA!

  1. So happy you had this wonderful vacation! It looks beautiful… though the camping part would not be my thing. I need a hotel. With room service. 😉

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