Weekend Camping

Last October we had a wonderful experience camping with the Roc.  We knew we wanted to go again this year, and decided to try this weekend.  With only 5 days of school left we pulled the Roc out of school 2 hours early on Friday and drove up north.  We knew many of the state parks had first-come-first-serve sites and we were hoping to get up there early enough to get one.  We didn’t have a back up plan in case all the sites were taken, other than turning around and driving all the way back home!  We lucked out and got to choose from 4 sites.  We choose this cart-in site, up on a hill (which was really fun for GC to lug all our gear up!)

But it was worth it in the end.

After setting up camp we went down the lake the throw some rocks and build a rock tower.

On Saturday GC was up early preparing breakfast.  This is what he made (and that’s his plate, not mine!)

He was a very happy camper (and he finished all that food!)

The Roc kept asking if we could go see waterfalls so we decided to drive up the shore a bit and go to Temperance River.  He was so happy.

The water was really rushing from all the recent rain.

Then we went to Cascade, to see more waterfalls.

On our way back down to Split Rock we stopped at Tettegouche and hiked to the high falls.  GC had to carry the dog across this bridge.  I could hardly look down as we crossed.

We stopped at the top of the waterfall (and GC kept a tight grip on the Roc)

Then we hiked all the way down to the bottom,

and I remembered the last time I was at that same spot, June 2008.  How different things were, in so many ways.  The river was a lot lower, and the Roc was much harder to photograph.

We headed back to our campsite for dinner and some quality time around the campfire (s’mores).  On Sunday we packed up all our stuff after breakfast and then set off on a hike to see the backpacking sites at the campground.  The Roc had to get down to this beach and throw some rocks.

We hiked for awhile before doubling back towards the campground.  We were all tired and sore from Saturday, but decided that since we were there, we might as well hike to the top of Day Hill to the look out.  It was worth it.

Look!  I exist!  I need to give GC my camera more often.

A rare photo of me and the Roc.

This boy has the best smile of anyone I know.  He is my outdoor kid (as long as it’s not raining) and I love being able to show him the places I went with my parents growing up.

On the whole the Roc did awesome camping.  He had a few moments when we were really, really glad we chose that cart-in site deep in the woods with no one around.  He also needed to know exactly what.came.next at every moment of the day, and that was hard when you don’t know exactly what comes next!  But when I look through the photos, the fun stands out and the couple incidents are already fading in my memory.  We will go again, for sure.

We had a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Camping

  1. As A wrote “breathtaking.” But the smile I love best is yours. It is so nice to see you relaxed and happy. I know there have been rough times transitioning after the move, etc. But the joy on your face (and GC’s and the Roc’s, too!) maes my heart happy for you. xo

  2. AWESOMENESS…. So fabulous for you and your sweet family. I just love your Roc’s smile. Too cute. (Honestly, I love his ear to ear grin even more than the beautiful scenery.) He looks happy. And, you got some great pictures. YOU.ARE.BLESSED.

  3. I’m so glad you guys had a great weekend!! Looks beautiful. I have to laugh though, at the what comes next because we have our own version of that here. At one point I must have said (or screamed!), “it’s too much pressure for me to know that all the time…” and so now, my son says, “Mom, I’m not trying to put pressure on you or anything, but what are we doing after this?”

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