Pigs + Cows + Chickens + Canoe = Our Weekend

We have been busy almost every weekend, and the last one was no exception.

On Saturday we went up to GC’s coworkers farm where they have cows, pigs, chickens, goats, and a few other animals.  We bought a pig from them awhile ago and every week we buy fresh eggs and fresh milk.  The Roc will only eat eggs from K’s farm, we’ve tried passing off regular organic eggs from the store when we’ve run out of the fresh, and he tastes it right away and refuses to eat them.  He reacts the same to bacon from the store, he won’t eat it saying it tastes funny.  After a couple years eating fresh eggs, milk, and meat from an Amish farm out East and now fresh food from K’s farm, he is soured on store bought food.  Which is fine by us.

The Roc was very excited to go to K’s farm, but as usual he was very anxious when we got there.  He stayed by my side as K walked us around the property and showed us all the animals.  We got to see the mama pigs feeding some of the piglets.

We met the cow whose milk we drink.

GC got to help K move a calf,

and after he decided he could definitely be a farmer.

The Roc warmed up after awhile and played on the playset with K’s boys.  We hung out and had lunch, the Roc wanting to be done as soon as K’s kids went back outside to the play set.   It was neat to look out the window and see him swinging with 2 new kids, chatting and laughing.  When it was time to leave, he didn’t want to go.  I can always sense when the Roc is starting to head towards the cliff and I wanted to get going before he headed downhill.   There were lots of warnings as the time to leave came near and we were able to leave without a scene.  It’s always a treat when an outing can end nicely.   It was a wonderful afternoon.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and all I wanted was to lay in bed instead of getting up to run the morning bath and to take our new canoe out for a ride.  I got both my wishes.

We were all excited to get on the water.

We paddled along the shore and then down a little waterway.

At the other end of the lake GC and the Roc did a little fishing.

While Guinness enjoyed the breeze.

We had a great time and the Roc rode along for over 2 hours.  At one point I said, “This is my favorite Mother’s Day so far.”   “Really?” GC asked, looking over his shoulder at me.  “Yup, I always dreamed of doing this.”

I did milk the Mother’s Day card a bit later when I relaxed with a margarita at my parents house while GC put together a marble run, made the burgers, got the Roc everything he needed during dinner, and then played ladder ball with him while I talked with my Mom.

Lots of animals and some time on the water equals a great weekend for us!


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