Basketball + Eggs

Time is slipping away from me and when grabbed my camera today I realized that I hadn’t recorded our Easter weekend, all the photos were still there on my Rebel.  I transferred them to my computer and imported them into Lightroom, sighing at the couple of photos I had taken the Saturday before Easter.

It was a special day, but I didn’t manage to capture it through the photographs.  I still have the memories.  The week before I had seen a posting from one of the MN autism pages I follow on facebook about discounted tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters, and participate in a meet and greet before the game.  The Roc loves basketball and even though he hadn’t been to a professional game, I figured he would enjoy seeing the Globetrotters.  What hooked me was the fact that it was with an autism group.  Being around fellow parents with children with autism during an outing is a no-brainer.  There is no pressure, no judgement, and no need for explanations.  I signed us up and showed the Roc a video of the Globetrotters on youtube.

When we arrived the Roc held tight to my hand, and repeatedly told me he was nervous.  We got our tickets and then looked around the rapidly filling lobby for any signs of the group were would be a part of.  I didn’t know anyone, but figured I would be able to spot “our” people.  Then we waited in the lobby of the Target Center for our meet and greet time.  There were a few other groups also waiting for their turn, and because not everyone from our group had shown up, we waited and waited in the lobby while the other groups went through the meet and greet first.  The Roc got restless and fidgety.  He started to whine about standing around, about wanting to go to his seat, and about the crowd.  Waiting is hard for any kid, waiting within a crowd of people is torturous for the Roc.  Finally we were lead through the arena to meet some of the players.  We always hang back in a group, the Roc is not fond of having a crowd follow him, so the small meet and greet area was jammed when we entered.  The Roc didn’t care about the players though, there were too many people in that small space, he just wanted to get out to his seat.  But we tried, and held himself together, even entering the group photo when he was asked.

When the “game” started the Roc alternated between gazing around the arena and watching the players.  He was happy to be there, eating some of the snacks we brought, and even accepting a hunk of cotton candy from the family sitting right beside me.  (Then handing the sticky clump to me when he decided he was done with it.  I had no place to put it, so I ate it, holy sugar!)   I ended up talking and talking to the mom sitting next to me, finding out that she is originally from Delaware!  We laughed at the coincidence and both agreed that we would attend the groups first support group meeting in May and see each other there.  We all had a good time!

When we got home that evening we broke out the dyes and colored some eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide.

The next morning the Roc woke up early and looked at the trails of eggs before he came to my side of the bed, or so he told me.  He was thrilled to see the eggs leading to a few small presents around the house and went right for them as soon as we came downstairs.

Then he followed the final trail and found his basket.  (One of my favorite pictures of that day!)

Later that afternoon we went over to my parents house for food and another egg hunt, this time outside.  The Roc raced around the yard looking for the 20 eggs my dad hid earlier that day.

He loved it and was so excited that candy was inside each egg.  We found 19 eggs but couldn’t locate the 20th!  My dad hid them so well that even he couldn’t find it (remember where he put it!)  I’m pretty sure he was still thinking about the location of the missing egg when we backed out of the driveway an hour later.

Which still makes me smile a couple weeks later.  I wonder if they found it yet?



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