Holidays, a Recap

I started a post about the holidays a couple weeks ago…and never finished it.  I have a few other unfinished posts in my dashboard, a couple in my head that are screaming to get out, (basketball! swimming!) and one that I wrote in a margarita haze last night after coming home from a neighborhood gathering.  But I am a little OCD and even though no one but the Roc is thinking about Christmas anymore I just have to say something about it, and of course post a few pictures.

The Roc was pumped about Christmas, our first here in Minnesota.  He was sad that we didn’t have any snow and I felt like a HUGE liar for telling him over and over since we got here in June that we would go sledding, and build snowmen, and that he would get to play with his cousin in the snow over winter break.  The anticipation of opening those presents under the tree and waking up to find more presents on Christmas morning was enough of a balm to relieve the brown Christmas disappointment.

GC wanted to keep his family tradition of having lots and yummy seafood on Christmas Eve so he got to work in the late morning making us a lunch feast, and don’t worry, even though he looks unhappy in the following photo, he is very happy…

I took one of my favorite pictures of the Roc while trying to get GC to smile for my camera, take note GC, this is how it’s done…

I wanted to photograph the food, but GC wanted to serve it up right away.

So I settled for a pic of my two guys,

the fried goodness,

and the Roc eating a lemon (which he tried to eat after we told him that his cousin Aiden in SC used to eat lemons when he was younger!)

The Roc was so excited about the presents from our extended family under the tree, and wouldn’t stop asking if he could open some of them that we let him pick three to open before we were due at my sister’s house for Christmas Eve dinner.

We had a lot of fun at my sister’s house that night.  The boys drank and told stories before dinner,

and after dinner the kids couldn’t wait to open a few presents from family.

I got a great shot of my dad,

and after all the presents were unwrapped the little boys opened up their new art stuff and went to work.

We exited around the Roc’s bedtime knowing it would be one night that he wouldn’t balk at going to bed and staying there.  He was just a little keyed up…

but he slept the whole night through.

I woke up to a little voice whispering that there were presents under the tree at 7 am on Christmas morning.

We didn’t know if we would ever get a reaction like we did last year, but there was one thing the Roc had been asking for.  The Polar Express.

He was pretty happy to get it!

My parents came over later that afternoon and we had dinner together.

It was wonderful and relaxing and fun!

The Roc had the following week off of school for “winter break” and by the time it was over I felt like I needed a vacation!  He had lots of new toys to play with so we played a lot, and he took a long bath everyday to play with his new boats.  We went over to my parents house the day before the left for Arizona to say goodbye.  I will admit to feeling a little teary when I pulled out of the driveway, I had gotten used to seeing them on a regular basis.  I took the Roc to see a movie one afternoon and he did great, only needing to be shushed a few times.

And now it’s mid-January, it’s cold and grey and I’m dreaming of spring.

Whew, now that this holiday recap is out of the way I can concentrate on the here and now, and those two subjects that are screaming for posts of their own – basketball and swimming!


4 thoughts on “Holidays, a Recap

  1. Love the picture of him looking down at the Christmas tree especially. Enjoyed reading and seeing how you captured this holiday with your family. Thanks for sharing.

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