Breakfast of Champions

Everyday I cringe as I pack the Roc’s lunch.  He won’t eat a sandwich of any kind, not meat, not cheese, no nut spreads, not even nutella!  I tried leftovers in thermos containers, but those came back untouched.  So I send him in with yogurt, cheese, juice, fruit, cereal, and a cookie.  Every day.  And he eats it all.  Every day.

I wince because it doesn’t seem like enough food for my boy who EATS.  I worry that he is still hungry when he leaves the cafeteria.  Hunger = irritability, frustration, ramping behaviors, and eventual meltdowns.  I push those worries aside because he is holding himself together all day long at school.

Also, he eats a good breakfast.  He gets on the van with a full tank, though just like his lunches, breakfast for the Roc isn’t typical.


Monday:  3 bean chili with cheddar cheese (think pinto beans, black beans, kidney beans, zucchini, carrots, red pepper, tomatoes, corn)

Tuesday:  chicken burrito (chicken, cheese, re-fried beans & salsa)

Wednesday:  Shepards Pie (potato, beef, carrots, peas)

Thursday: Cincinnati chili with spaghetti and cheddar cheese

Definitely not what I crave in the morning!  But it works for him and that’s all that matters.

I just hope he never pukes on the van.


3 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions

  1. First, what beautiful pictures of your son! Love his smile.

    Second, my son won’t touch sandwiches either! Packing lunch would be SO much easier if he’d just like PBJs! So my son’s lunches usually look about like the Roc’s. After lots of working at it, though, my son eats cereal with milk and yogurt with granola on top (though sometimes he has instant udon for breakfast) 😉

  2. my girl has never eaten a sandwich in her life!

    but i must say i want to come to your house for breakfast. it all looks good!!! =)

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