End of Summer Photos

I wasn’t able to write and post properly this summer.

No time.

It was consumed with moving across the country, settling into my sister’s basement, searching and buying a new (to us) home, moving out of my sister’s basement into our new home, buying a car to replace my totaled Camry, and getting unpacked and settled into our new home.  The summer went fast.  Now school has started, we are getting into the swing of things, setting up a routine, and I am finally able to begin to record, reflect, and process.

There are so many stories from this eventful summer.  So much change for all of us.  But life keeps surging on, and there is so much happening right now.  I’ll never be able to go back and give this summer the written words it deserves.  But I have proof in the photos.  We accomplished a lot this summer, and we had fun too.

The Roc turned 7 years old in August, and we had a party to celebrate.  Complete with a water slide bouncy house,

an ice cream cake,

and presents, of course.


The Roc loves water, and there is a lot of it in Minnesota.  We didn’t get “up north” like I had hoped we would, but I did take the Roc to see water “falling” over a few dams in the area.


My Mom and I took the Roc and his cousins up to St. Cloud one afternoon for a picnic,

to see another dam,

some fountains and flowers,

and to swing in the garden.


Even though we didn’t get the chance to take the Roc to see the waterfalls along the north shore, he was thrilled when my Mom and I took him down to Minneapolis to see Minnehaha falls.


We were invited back to my sister’s inlaws cabin in August.  There was beautiful scenery to capture and contemplate.

All the kids liked to get out on the water.

The Roc especially liked riding in the back of the pontoon where he could watch the wake of motor.

Jumping off the pontoon in the middle of the lake, where it wasn’t weedy made for some great photos,

and after watching his cousins swim in the lake long enough, the Roc was willing to brave the chance of weeds.

Despite his life jacket, the dog never did take to the water.  There was a lot of fishing,

of which I never could quite get a shot of GC holding up a catch.

We ended our weekend at the cabin tubing, where my sister caught some of my favorite photos of my husband.


Labor Day weekend we took the little boys (the Roc and one of his cousins) to a historic farm to take a tour and see the threshing demonstrations. (GC was up in BWCA for the weekend.)  The boys had a great time seeing all the animals, old farm equipment, and doing some of the hands on stuff.


Looking back at the photos this weekend I realize just how much we actually did this summer.  So much change, all for the good, but it wasn’t easy.  I’d be lying if I posted all these photographs of fun and happiness and not mention that I chose to capture the light, the good, the positive.  I didn’t photograph the hard parts, the times when the Roc was out-of-control, when his verbal stims nearly sent me over the edge, and how when his behavior plummeted it was all I could do to get through the day.  I didn’t record the times I cried, out of frustration, fear, and anxiety.  I didn’t record the way it felt to watch the Roc struggle to connect with his cousins and to see the neighbor children recoil when the Roc had a meltdown outside.  I felt like I may come apart at the end of the summer.  I said more than once that I was hanging on by my fingernails by the end of August.

But now, having a chance to look back, I’m so glad that I did photograph all the good and the positive.  Because even though we have our hard times, the good times are what I want to remember, and are what I hope the Roc remembers when he looks back on the summer we moved to Minnesota.


5 thoughts on “End of Summer Photos

  1. You were amazing this summer. Not many people could do what you do everyday. Very thankful that our boy has a Mom like you 🙂 Love you babe!

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