Birthday In Pictures

A Wednesday like so many others, except everything had “birthday” in front of it.

Birthday Breakfast, followed by a birthday bath.

A birthday walk,

where we saw a birthday waterfall (which was not “rushing” enough, oh well.)

A birthday trip to Cub for cake mix and frosting, and to Target for a cupcake holder,

and birthday paper to draw on.

A silly birthday boy in birthday boots.  (And an itchy dog apparently.)

Birthday baking.  (When did he get so tall?)

Birthday cupcake eating (after lunch was consumed in the most dramatic fashion, complete with gagging on turkey.  sigh.)

Another birthday walk, through the woods,

to play birthday basketball.

A birthday afternoon movie on the couch,

with a birthday Pupper.

A little bit of birthday anger, (No, you may not have another cupcake, we are going to share them with the other kids at the picnic tonight.)

which didn’t last long.  (Yes, you can have one at the picnic tonight.)

Lots of playing at the birthday picnic (which was really the annual autism support group picnic.)  Swinging,



and smiling.

A birthday bubble beard.

followed by birthday stories.

And finally…birthday sleep.

A Wednesday like any other, but special because he turned 7.


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