The Cabin

My sister’s in-laws invited us to go up to their cabin the weekend of the 4th.  When my sister told me I did a double take and asked her, “Us?  Did you tell her about us?  About autism?”  Because while my child certainly is delightful and I love him with all that I am…he is also loud, has a 0-100 faster than most, frustrates easily – and lets you know, is afraid of fireworks – and lets you know, has a hard time around unfamiliar people, or a lot of people, and can get bent out of shape when he’s out of his element…and did I mention he’s loud?

“Yup, they know and they really want you to come,” she replied.

Okay then.  Wow.  I never expected the invite and I also never expected GC to want to go.  But he did.  So we went!

The Roc was excited to go where his cousins were going, was happy to hear that there was sand to play in, a boat to ride on, and a lake = water.  His favorite.

We drove up on Saturday and the Roc quickly went to work making a waterfall with his cousin Matthew.

Later, the Roc’s cousins went to a carnival with their grandparents so my sister, BIL, GC and I took the Roc on a pontoon ride.  GC and Mike fished off the back of the boat,

and the Roc tried hard to give me his best angry face.

On Sunday the kids all had a great time on the lake.

Molly did too.

Guinness preferred to watch from the dock.

The guys decided to take the dock out,

move it over about 6 inches, and then put it back in…

In the afternoon we convinced the Roc to try tubing behind the pontoon, and his cousin Marissa was nice enough to go with him.

He was nervous, but ready.

He said he enjoyed himself, but I cannot tell by the pictures!

Marissa did!

GC went for a ride,

and Mike did too (a short one.)

The Roc loved riding on the pontoon so much he had to draw a picture of it.

Originally we said we would leave on Sunday night, thinking the Roc would be done, but because he enjoyed himself so much and did pretty well, we decided to stay Sunday night and leave early Monday morning.  It was a great weekend!

Thanks for having us Dave and Linda!


6 thoughts on “The Cabin

  1. Wow! Another success under your belt. A testament to the healing power of love and acceptance and being out in nature. And I just gotta say…even though I say it every time….your boy is strikingly beautiful.

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