We Moved!

We made it.  We are in Minnesota.  We have been here for 2.5 weeks now.  I had great plans of posting about the time leading up to our departure.  I have a post in my draft box about our townhouse titled “This House” that I cannot pick up now.  It will languish there for eternity, or for a year until I go through and delete those posts that are no longer relevant.  I had good intentions and I really wanted to record all the craziness before we moved…but I was too busy.

I meant to post about the days in which my best friend Christa and I kept pushing off our final goodbye.  The day we spent at Winterthur, a place I had never been, but found fascinating and beautiful.

I wanted to write about how it was so very hard to say goodbye to the Roc’s swimming teacher, Ms. Kay.  How the Roc worked hard on a picture for Ms. Kay and he was so proud and excited to give it to her.

He held that picture in the car on the way to his last swimming lesson and was still holding it after we were rear ended at a stop light just a few miles from the pool.  After spending rush hour on the side of the road we eventually made it and we were able to give Ms. Kay the picture and a plant we had potted, now uprooted and missing half it’s dirt from the impact.  She still gave him his last lesson, 2 hours late and I cried trying to tell her how much she meant to me and the Roc.

Our final 2 days were jammed with final packing, dealing with the crumpled car that was no longer drivable – but was supposed to be driven to MN, picking up the moving truck,

the Roc’s last day of Kindergarten, and prepping him to fly to Minnesota the very next day.

I really wanted to write about the upheaval in the house and how the Roc handled it so much better than I had anticipated – his toys being packed, the house full of boxes.

How he slowly seemed to get that we wouldn’t be coming back to our townhouse.  First asking when we were going to the nearby pool, when we would be coming back to our house, progressing to saying that we wouldn’t be going to the pool and that someone else was going to live in our house.  We questioned the depth all of this change was sinking and waited for an explosive fallout…which never came.  He was excited to fly to MN and excited to stay with his grandparents while I flew to back Philly so I could turn around and drive back to MN!

When the Roc and I left for the airport GC and his friends were busy loading the truck,

while the Roc watched from the driveway.

The Roc was a peach at the airport, saying hi to the lady at check-in, (unprompted!) smiling bashfully as she complimented his cuteness.  He sailed through security, was thrilled to pick out a muffin, and then happily drew pictures at the gate while we waited to board the plane.

Our flight was uneventful and we soon arrived at my parents house.  I got the Roc settled and then printed out my return ticket for the next day.  I was worried when I got up the next morning, anxious that the Roc would throw a fit when I left for the airport because he cried when he went to bed saying that he would miss me…but he didn’t, he said, “Goodbye!  Have fun at the airport Mommy!” and so I left.  I sent GC a picture while my dad drove me to the airport, showing him the blue skies of Minnesota, a stark contrast to the haze of our east coast home.

My best friend Christa brought us dinner that night, our last night in our townhouse,

and she promised to come back the next morning to see us off (and we effectively put off our final goodbye one more night.)

GC and I slept on the floor in the Roc’s old room feeling nostalgic remembering all the firsts in our first home.  The next morning we loaded the last of our boxes,

took a couple final pictures, and then loaded the cats and dog into GC’s tiny Celica, the car I would be driving across the country.

Then Christa and I shed a few tears because the time had come, we had to say goodbye.  No longer could we call each other on a whim and meet for lunch or get our boys together over breaks.  It was so hard to say goodbye to her, she is a one of a kind friend, and I am incredibly lucky to have her in my life.  We will always be friends.

I drove out of the neighborhood filled with a mixture of sadness over what I was leaving behind and excitement about the future.

We drove over 9 hours the first day through beautiful western Maryland and then into Ohio where we stopped for the night.  The dog was an excellent traveler and the cats only meowed when the road was really bumpy or if I talked to them, so I stayed quiet.  We drove about 10 hours the second day and stopped in Wisconsin for the night.  My back was getting really sore from the accident and driving for 2 days, so when the receptionist at the hotel asked if I would like a luggage cart…I said yes.

I was worried the cats would really freak out in the hotel room, but again they surprised me and handled it just fine.

Of course the dog was unfazed by it all.  He was happy where ever we were.

We had a short 4 hour drive the final day and arrived at my sister’s house around lunchtime.  We unloaded, went to storage and unloaded some more, and then came back and set up in my sister’s basement.  The Roc was happy to see us and he was excited to stay at my sister’s house.

He had a rough transition when we got him back and it was undoubtedly all the changes in his life that attributed to his downward spiral.  I tried really hard to keep that in mind as we struggled with him those first few days.  He is so excited to be with his cousins and at the end of the night, when I go in to check on him, that is what I remind myself.

More changes are in the near future as we have an accepted offer on a house, a street up from my sister!  We allowed the Roc to come and look at the house during the inspection and he was very excited, most notably about the big screened in porch off the back and the fact that his room overlooks the roof of said screened in porch.

So, here we are.

So many changes, good changes.


10 thoughts on “We Moved!

  1. So glad to hear you’re doing well and getting settled. Wish we had the chance to hang out more while you were here, but I’m glad we were able to meet at least once. Looking forward to hearing more about your MN adventures!

  2. so happy you’ve made it and are now ready to move on with this next chapter of your lives. I’m so glad that you’ll be near family. can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. The Roc is soooooo cute!

    I’m thrilled your move is going smoothly thus far! Congrats on your new home. Nothing better than a big screened in porch. We bought a house for that reason a couple of moves ago, and I still mourn the loss of it! When do you move in?

  4. You know what they say about taking things for granted? I wish I hadn’t taken for granted that we’d be able to get together “whenever” while you were still here. And we didn’t. And now we can’t. And I’m sitting here crying because I miss you. So much more than I ever imagined I could.

  5. I love that picture of GC and the cats. I saw it on FB and it cracked me up then and it’s cracking me up now.

    I’m glad Rocco is handling the move. Some difficulties are to be expected of course but overall it’s sounding pretty smooth.

  6. I came across your post today and it really hit home with me. My family and I are moving from CT to Minnesota next month. We are also moving back to be closer to our families. My 3 year old son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS last year and I am so nervous about how it will take the move. Good luck with your new transition. I plan on keeping up with your posts!!

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