The Start of Goodbye

With the move closing in and our calendar filled up, we’ve started our goodbyes.  It’s going to be hard to leave.  Hard to leave the good friends we’ve made and hard to leave those people who love the Roc and work so well with him.  Last night was the Roc’s last horseback riding lesson with Ms. Becca.  He started hippotherapy in October 2008 when he was 4 years old.  He was such a peanut on the horse!

A year later, in September 2009, he rode in the Special Olympics Horse Show and loved it.

Last June he rode in the Horse show at The Center, where he took lessons.

He remembered last night that he won 2 red ribbons and 1 blue.

My Mom got to see him ride in September when she came for a visit.

She commented on how much he had changed while riding, and it’s true, he grew a lot in the last couple years, and in more ways then just the physical.  I remember when he first started, how little he talked, how he was afraid of trotting, and there was a period of time when I had to stay inside the lounge because he wouldn’t “work” if he could see me and get my attention.  Sometimes we had trouble transitioning from school to home to horseback riding, but if I asked him if he wanted to stop lessons he would shout, “NO!”

I watched him through the lens of my camera last night.  Noticing how he talked so much more to Ms. Becca, I could hear him asking her questions while they walked out of the barn and let the horse get a drink.

He was happy to be there, happy to get to ride, and even happier that he was going to go on a trail ride.  His favorite.

At the end of his lesson the Roc gave his horse Flo a big hug,

and then I think Flo wanted to nibble that leaf he was holding!

I will always be grateful to wonderful people like Ms. Becca.  She was awesome with the Roc, she knew how to handle him, she was calm and positive, and he worked for her.  We will miss her.


3 thoughts on “The Start of Goodbye

  1. Big thanks to miss Becca. So glad that she has been a part of his life. He’s going to miss those trail rides with her for sure.

  2. awww…those pictures are lovely. How wonderful that you had someone like her in your life, especially someone who has made such a big impact. These photos will keep those memories and moments alive.

    (you should send her this blog post 🙂 )

  3. I am a new follower of your blog, and I think your family is amazing!! I have also become friends with Tanya Savko via email through her blog. I am actually working with her on starting a foundation that relates in part to autism. I also happen to live in Minnesota (Eden Prairie), and my parents own a 40 acre horse ranch just outside the cities. If “Roc” has any interest still in riding we would love to offer our horses and training to your boy (of course with no cost), as well as meet your family. If you have any interest please let me know via email. Blessings your way 🙂

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