Thursday Afternoon

Last week was busy, busy with the showings and subsequent offer on the house.  I was excited beyond measure that things were finally moving forward and was very pumped to tell the Roc when he got home from school that someone was going to buy our house.  But as soon as the Roc walked in the door he started up the following conversation:

“Okay Mommy, this is what we are going to do.  You are going to draw a picture of a winter tree.  Okay?  Do you think you can do that Mommy?  I’ll show you.  I’ll draw it and then you can draw it just like mine. ”

“What if I can’t draw it like yours?”

“I’ll help you Mommy.  Get some paper and I’ll draw one so you can see.”  I get the paper and markers after reminding him to say please first.

“Okay I drew it.  Let’s hang it up so you can see it.  Let’s hang it right there.  Get some tape Mommy!”  I tape the tree to the wall near the table.

“Now it’s your turn Mommy.  First I’m going to write your name on it, so you know it’s yours,”  he sounds it out and then says, “Now I’m going to write winter tree.  Okay, here you go Mommy.  Now you need to draw your winter tree right here just like mine.  See mine?  Up on the wall?  Look at that one so you know what to draw.”  I start to draw the tree trunk.

“No Mommy, here I’ll help you.  Here I’ll show you.  Like this Mommy.”  He takes the marker and draws part of the tree.

“Now you draw the winter tree branches Mommy.”  I keep drawing while he stands beside me at the ready to interject.

“The Roots Mommy.  You have to draw the roots!  Here I will help you so you can see how to do it.  Like this.  See?”  He draws the roots and hand the marker back to me.  I add a few more branches.

“Great job Mommy!!  I love your winter tree!  You drew a nice winter tree Mommy!  Great job!”

“Wow, thanks Roc.  I love that you like my tree.”

“I do.  You did a nice job.  We can hang it up if you want.  Oh wait, I have to fix this.  Your branch wasn’t touching the tree.  Okay, now we can hang it up.  Where’s that tape?”

The whole time he was directing me around I smiled and allowed myself to be led.  Of course I know how to draw a winter tree.  But he wanted to “teach” me.  Seriously, he wanted to teach me.  I could list off “the how far he’s come facts,” because he’s come so far language-wise and this exchange is a testament to that, but what really stands out to me is his connectedness and the planning.  He had to have been thinking about this scenario on the bus ride home, thinking about me, planning it out, because he was prepared as soon as he crossed the threshold.


Later we went upstairs to “have a concert,” which is something we’ve been doing lately as his interest in concerts has been growing.  The Roc loves music and he has some toddler musical instruments as well as the drum he got for Christmas.  He sets up the “stage” complete with bowling pin water bottles and then we play together, him on the keyboard, me on the $10 plastic Walgreens kiddie guitar which was a last minute Christmas addition 2 years ago.  These two instruments play prerecorded music which definitely does not blend together, but he loves it.  So he started to set up the area while I checked my email.

“Everyone is coming to watch us in our concert.  You are coming right Mommy?  You are my buddy who helps me.  Everyone is going to watch us play our instruments.  Some concerts only have one person singing and playing and some have 2 and some have 3 and some have 1.  Okay?  These guys are coming to watch us too.  I’ll be back Mommy.  I’ve got to get all the animals so they can watch us.”

I see that he has set up our audience, “You don’t think there are enough?  You’ve got plenty there.”

“No, everyone is coming, that’s how a concert is.”

Then he proceeds to get all his animals and set them up.  This takes a few minutes and I try to catch up with all that my amazing autism mommy friends are doing to promote autism awareness, and then he is ready.

“I’m ready Mommy!  Let’s play our concert!”

So we did, and then I told him I wanted him to play for me and I would record him.

The head bopping and facial expressions kill me!

GC just called me today to let me know that he got tickets to bring the Roc to see this guy, his music has been the Roc’s favorite for awhile, a few days before his seventh birthday this summer.  We are looking forward to surprising him and fulfilling his “go to a concert” request.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Afternoon

  1. OMG! THIS is all kinds of awesome rolled into one post! I love the video!! I remember our conversations in the car in January. LIGHT YEARS forward, girl! LIGHT.YEARS. 😀

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