Packing, packing, packing

Yesterday I started packing.  Usually I’m prepping the Roc and packing for a trip, to Arizona, or South Carolina, or Minnesota, and nervous about the airport, the waiting at the gate, the flight, changing planes and time zones, but this is time it’s something much, much bigger.  Our plan is moving onto the next phase, we had a lot of showings this month and finally, finally we got an offer on our house last week, accepted, and signed the contract on Thursday night!

They seem to be serious as they had the home inspection this weekend, and as long as everything checks out okay, the house appraises appropriately, and we don’t have termites they will put more money down and we can be pretty confident that everything will go forward.  As of right now we will be in Minnesota in early June!

So I’ve begun prepping the Roc for a big change and packing the things we don’t use everyday.  GC sent an email to all his friends and has a date set to see old friends in Jersey, we’ve told the neighbors, and I told my book club girlfriends last night at a get together.

It is bittersweet and I know I will feel sad to leave this house.  Our first house, the house that we became a family in, where we watched the Roc grow.  And my girlfriends, especially Christa.  Autism brought us together, and I know that we will be friends for life.  It is going to be hard not to be able to see her regularly.  I was deliriously happy on Thursday when we accepted the offer, I must have called my mom 4 separate times during the morning and it wasn’t until the afternoon when I was returning from running an errand that my eyes filled with tears upon realizing all I would leave behind.

But we need this change, and I’m so excited for the future.

Minnesota here we come!




3 thoughts on “Packing, packing, packing

  1. congratulations! moving was one of the hardest things we ever did, but also the best thing we ever did. You’re moving for all the right reasons. Can’t wait to read about your journey to the midwest!

  2. Aw, now you’re making me cry. Why is it we just got to know each other and now you’re moving!? WAAAAH! But, you know, the beauty of this internet-thingy that Al Gore gave us is priceless! We don’t have to cut ties to those we hold near and dear in our hearts like we once would have had to do. Congrats on the house sale. Time for moving on into the next new adventure. xo

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