Roc-isms, Arizona Edition

While in Arizona my mom told the Roc that he was truly a funny little kid, and she’s right. The following is some of the funny stuff the Roc said during our 9 days visiting my parents.

“No!!!  Not Scumscreen!  It’s all slobbery and bleeky!”


“Do I get a brownie?”

“No, it’s not a dessert night tonight and didn’t we have a lot of screaming problems today?”

“But Mommy, don’t you know there’s a book Bad Boys Get Treats?”

“I’ve never heard of that one Roc, must be a fiction book.”


“I had good behavior today.”

“Yes you did!  Today was great!”

“I’m going to have good days in Arizona now.  But I’m only having good days here, not at home.”


“Roc, do you want to have your green beans in here while you watch your waterfall and wave show?”

“NO Mommy!!  I never said I was going to have green beans…

big long pause

are you sure you want to have this fight again?”


“Roc, I don’t know where your stuffed animal is, let’s just find it in the morning when you wake up okay?”

“Awww, I’m sorry about your luck Mommy.”


“Okay go potty one last time and then say goodnight to Grandma and Grandpa.”

“First I want to talk about policies.  There are lots of policies and those policies are different.  From here to there…there are many policies.  There are some policies that are all around and these policies are made in the desert and they are real…now I’m going to go potty.”


3 thoughts on “Roc-isms, Arizona Edition

  1. ha! he is SO clever. must keep you laughing all the time!

    so is Roc going to put all these policies in the book he writes called Bad Boys Get Treats?

  2. Wow, he is so smart! I think my favorite is warning you that he is only going to be good in Arizona, not at home. At least he told you!

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