Roc-Art In Arizona

The Roc and I love our time in Arizona, this year was our 4th year visiting my parents and it was a wonderful visit.  One of the harder things about traveling with a child who doesn’t entertain himself very well is trying to keep him entertained while “on vacation,” without his usual toys and environment.  This year, even more than last year, the Roc wanted to HIKE.  Everyday he asked which park we were going to and if we were going to hike.  And while we did hike almost every day, there was some down time at the house.  In years past he would stim with the lincoln logs or legos that were at the house.  I wondered if he would do the same this year but hoped that he would play with the few little people and trucks I had stashed in my suitcase.  I also asked my mom if she would buy a big tablet of paper for him to draw on with the markers I was bringing.

She did, and he drew everyday!  He drew some of the places we had been and things that were on his mind.

Motion detector toilet (see the red light?)

Another toilet, flushing, surrounded by tiles like the airport bathroom

Car wash, one side spinning, one not

Water slide bouncy house

Oil refinery

Train (after we heard one while hiking)

Castle (after we saw a caslte looking house in the mountains while hiking)

Sabino canyon (the mountains, road, creek, prickly pear cactus, saguaro cactus)

Desert museum (my favorite, look at all the detail!)

I love that he is expressing himself this way!


6 thoughts on “Roc-Art In Arizona

  1. This is just fantastic. I too love the way our little guy is expressing himself. The same way I like to….through art.

  2. Awesome art work. Pretty cool to see what interests him too. Pudding perseverates on drawing faces and people, I’d love to see her work on other things. One day!

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