My Kid’s Got Skills

Yesterday I went to watch the Roc at the Special Olympics Basketball Skills Day.  I didn’t go last year and regretted it when another mom told me how great the Roc did, but I was worried about how my presence would affect him, as it has negatively in the past.  I’ve skipped the field trips so far this year, but the boy loves basketball, and he said yes when I asked him if he wanted me to come, and I really wanted to see if he would actually shoot in front of other people during what might be a chaotic event.

I was delighted to see him sitting on the bleachers with the other kids when I got to the gymnasium at a local college.  His teacher told me that he was so excited when he got to school, and I told her that I had no trouble getting him to go to school for the “basketball party.”  I was so proud watching him follow along with the other kids, he stayed with the group, waited patiently, walked in line nicely, and didn’t seem fazed by the noise or the amount of people.  When it was finally his turn, I was even more proud of him, he’s got some skills!



I think we may need to get him on a basketball team…





5 thoughts on “My Kid’s Got Skills

  1. Mad skills!! And you better consider a stick to keeo the girls away a bit longer. He is totally gonna have them eating out of his hand veery soon!

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