Scaffolding + Paint = Pretty House

We’ve been busy around here.  The Roc and I went to Arizona for 9 days to visit my parents (blog post about that coming this week) and the last 7 days were filled with house projects.  Our house has been on the market for 6 months now.  Lots of internet traffic, but no showings since Christmas and obviously no offers.  Before we left for AZ a couple more houses in my neighborhood went on the market and after doing a preview of those houses, we realized that we needed to do a few things to make our house more desirable.  So we agreed to get right to work when the Roc and I got back from AZ.  GC did what he could while we were gone and we had a plan in place for when we got home on Sunday night.

On Monday The Roc didn’t have school and GC was off work.  So we rented a minivan and headed up to Ikea where we got a new table, a new bookshelf, a huge heavy mirror, and some “art” for the walls.  It took us all day and the Roc was surprisingly good (except for the squirrelly behavior in the Ikea parking garage as we struggled to fit all of our new stuff in the minivan) that we pushed him a bit further and went to Lowes where we found a rug for the family room (which Guinness loves.)

We got about 4 inches of snow on Monday night so of course the Roc had a snow day and I didn’t get any house stuff done, but I did find this adorable picture when the Roc and I went to Willey Farms after his riding lesson.

On Wednesday I changed the Roc’s bathroom from this:

to this:

On Thursday I repainted our upstairs landing/loft the same color our foyer was slated to be painted.

On Friday the real fun began, our scaffolding arrived, and after GC and I bought paint and picked out new lights for our foyer and dining area, we got to work.  It was nerve wracking to put the scaffolding together and even more so when GC got on it.  He taped and painted,

and changed the totally awful gold light fixture in the foyer.

In the end the foyer looks much better.

On Saturday we moved into the great room, put together the scaffolding and GC got to work replacing the light and taping along the ceiling.  We painted all day and started again on Sunday morning when we woke up.

We painted until late Sunday afternoon and then put the room back together in time to record the Devils game.  It looks great and now no one can call our house cold and sterile!

And the best part of the weekend?  Through it all, the Roc was good, especially on Saturday, when he entertained himself the whole day while we worked, no screaming and no tantrums!


10 thoughts on “Scaffolding + Paint = Pretty House

  1. It looks GREAT!! I hope all your hard work pays off real SOON with showings and offers. I’m expecting to be in a similar position (i.e. making improvements, etc.) once I hire a realtor.

  2. We are in the middle of painting at our house presently. Our living room is almost the same color as your house now and we have the same dining room table as you!

    No scaffolding for us though. We broke down and hired a guy. I’ve painted enough myself to last me a couple of decades.

    Your house looks great!

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