The Carrot

All week long I’ve been dangling the carrot in front of him, urging the Roc to keep going.

“You have to go to school today because in 4 days…”

Then it was, “in two days…”

Finally today I was able to say, “because tomorrow we are going to ARIZONA!!!!”

Where we will be doing lots and lots of uphill hiking under the blue sky and sparkling sun.

(Arizona 2010)

I am excited, and of course a little nervous. The Roc has traveled by air since he was an infant, averaging about 2 flights every year. He remembers what check in looks like, that we have to wait in line at security and take off our shoes, that we have to wait to get on the airplane, and then fly. He remembers the order and we have a little picture schedule that we use to help with each step. Even though he remembers all of it, that doesn’t make it easy. He is still anxious about the crowds, the noise, the people, the movement, the general chaotic feel of the airport. He has a hard time waiting in the long security line, as well as waiting to get on the plane, and don’t forget about the scary airport bathrooms. He has already told me that he doesn’t want it “to take a long time to get there…” Of which I can do nothing about. I’ve packed snacks, markers and paper, a few little toys, and our portable DVD player. I even got a few new movies for him…about waterfalls, which I am saving as a surprise! I hope he likes them and will sit in relative silence and watch during our 2 separate plane rides tomorrow, first to Texas, and then on to Arizona. I bought a t-shirt that says “I love someone with Autism” on it in case anyone needs an explanation of the strange faces, noises, and hand obsession that all emerge when the Roc is under sensory duress and anxiety, though I don’t know if anyone will actually notice (the t-shirt, lots of people will notice the strange faces, noises and hand obsession.)

I’m trying not to be anxious myself and focus on the fact that this time tomorrow the Roc and I will be in Arizona with my parents, under the blue sky and sparkling sun.


10 thoughts on “The Carrot

  1. I don’t want you to go because I will miss you guys. But at the same time I want you to go because I know how nice of a place it is to visit – and you get to spend time with your parents. Don’t worry I’ll remember to feed the cats and dog 🙂

  2. have great time. I wish I had seen this yesterday. The last time we flew when we got to the airport the security line was ridiculously long. I’m not one to drop the “A” card but there was no way in hell the Boy was gonna put up with that line especially if the 2 baby girls started acting up. I walked up to a TSA employee and asked if there was a line for kids with special needs. She asked if I had a problem putting him in a wheelchair. I said no. She got us through the handicapped lane. I don’t like to do it because he needs to learn to wait but that was not the day for a teachable moment.

    Have a wonderful wonderful trip!

  3. I hope you are reading this from the warmth and serenity of Arizona! Hope the trip went well and you all have a FABULOUS time. 🙂 Let’s get together when you get back? xo

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