Roc-isms Part VI

“AHHH!!!  ARGH!  I stubbed my toe!  I’m all done playing fetch with Guinness.  I’m not going to dissipate anymore!”


“I want to be able to lay eggs…if I was a chicken could I lay eggs?….let’s get a chicken coop okay?”


Roc toots while drawing at the table.

“My goodness Roc!  What was that?!”

“I think someone was talking in my pants Mommy…I think it was a puppet.”


“AHHHHHH, I’m SO MAD!  I’m Aboriginal!”


We see a teenager riding his bike.

“Look at that boy riding his bike!  It’s a miracle!  He’s riding without his Mommy!”


“Mommy, you’re lovely and sweet.”

“Thank you Roc, that is such a nice thing to say.”

“…you’re like a cheetah…or a leprechaun.”


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