A Few Words

My husband sent me a message today “How come you aren’t blogging?  I miss having posts to read ;)”  I just haven’t felt like blogging lately….of course, not for the lack of stories, those are aplenty.

The Roc is still the Roc, will always be the Roc.  He is both a charmer and a challenge.  A ball of energy hard to contain, hard to control, impossible to wrangle at times.  Loud, very loud, both in anger and joy.  Then happy, calm, even snuggly sometimes, a rarity.  He has been wanting to play, always to play, but only with an adult, and usually that’s me.  And while I try my hardest to remember our humble beginnings of play, sometimes I just.don’t.want.to.  It’s hard to muster the energy to crawl around on the floor moving through the same motions.  Because once you start, you cannot stop.  Stopping and switching activities are grounds for massive upheavals of emotion.  Sometimes even the way I play is called into question as it was this morning, causing an explosion of epic proportions, as they are in our home, where autism lives.  The playing is slowly starting to expand though, and I am grateful.  New stories are forming, and they are not being made up by me.  Today our three little people went to “Roc National Park” where they climbed a rock wall, took a picture from the top, slid down a slide, and then hiked off into the forest in search of a waterfall.  Once found, Annie climbed the waterfall, went down the waterfall, and then needed to be rushed to the hospital, by the little people bus, because the ambulance couldn’t be found.  She came right back after her surgery.

I did not build the rock wall made out of stuffed animals along the bed, make the waterfall that was a blanket draped over the large plastic bins of clothing the Roc will never wear again, nor did I come up with the story, name the national park, or pick out the little people we would play with.  Even though our morning play session ended with a tantrum to shake the walls, there was all that expansion.



As I calmly left him to wail his frustrations at my inability to make the people “climb the rocks the RIGHT WAY” and washed the morning dishes, I kept my mind focused on the progress.  From “no functional play skills” and “no imaginative play” to making up the story, using his imagination, constructing the scene, interacting with me, playing with me, wanting to play with me.  Hell yeah!

I will always be grateful for the expansions.

(There GC, does that count?  I would write more, but the dog is now waging war on the pile of clothing left on the floor…on your side of the bed…don’t worry, it’s not the Giants shirt…I promise.)


4 thoughts on “A Few Words

  1. As a National Park lover, I love the fact that he imagined his peeps at a National Park! And I love that he came up with a (very special) new one! Sorry about the meltdown; I know those all too well. It’s great that you’re focusing on the positive, though. I’m always reminding myself “Ebb and flow…ebb and flow…” Love.

  2. My husband is my most loyal reader too. He and GC would like each other, both Yankee fans right?

    P.S. I hate to “play.” That is what Seth is for. LOL. You are a better woman than me!

  3. wow, i dont think my husband EVER reads my posts, so that is really nice that yours is so encouraging and supportive!:) I love this post. Hey, blogging about our lives is very personal and s/times we dont have the energy. but when you do…we’re here. All ears. We love your stories and images. We’ll wait for you!:)

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