On The Eve

The energy has been crackling in the air all day long…and what a long day it seemed to be, for both me and the Roc, who is beyond excited for Christmas.  Who really and truly “get’s it” this year, who has wanted something specific, asked for it repetitively, and even asked Santa when we saw him at our favorite store (with a lot of help from Mom and Dad.)  He jumped around the house all day long today, jumped on my bed, jumped on the couch, jumped on his trampoline.  Jumped and jumped and jumped, talking all the while.  Jumped and crashed on the couch and my bed telling me “look Mommy, I learnded to fly!”  We went for a walk and delivered cards to our neighbors and he said “Merry Christmas” to everyone.  He didn’t want to talk about what he asked Santa for, but he was willing to tell everyone that he would be having lobster butt for dinner.  (Even though he tried a bit of lobster, he wouldn’t eat it, preferring to stick to pasta.)  After many, many requests to open a present from his Great Aunt and Uncle that had been sitting under the tree all week, we finally told him it was time and he could open 3 presents from family and friends.

He was e.x.c.i.t.e.d.

and ready to go!

The best reaction was when he saw the combine tractor picture my sister got for his room.  Look at his face!

We also opened the gifts that the Roc got for us at the little holiday shop the PTO set up at school.  The Roc didn’t remember what he got for us, but he was so cute saying, “Here you go Mommy!  Merry Christmas!”  He gave GC a sports frog and I got a Mom pen and a Mom notepad, so adorable!

For the first time in a long time, the Roc didn’t try to stall bedtime at all and not long after shutting out the light he was fast asleep…and then Santa came…

I do hope Santa visits your house too!

Merry Christmas!


5 thoughts on “On The Eve

  1. He looks so cute! I’m SO glad Christmas went well! Those pictures say a lot. It just totally makes the holiday. Hope you’re having a happy new year! (I’m actually back to blogging on a semi-regular basis — this cross-country move hasn’t been all we hoped for and it’s sort of kicked my butt on a regular basis.)

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