Jeans + Dentist

Two amazing things happened today, not of equal value, though almost equally exciting for me.

I’ll spill the lesser first:  I was able to squeeze myself back into my favorite pair of jeans this weekend!  Jeans I haven’t worn for 2 years because…I couldn’t get them past my thighs.  I didn’t actually wear jeans last winter because I had two pairs I couldn’t wear and refused to buy any more, but I also didn’t do much about fitting back into them either.  This fall when jeans weather rolled around and I still couldn’t get my jeans on I broke down and bought a pair of Levis the next size up, and they drove me crazy.  They didn’t fit right, sliding down in the back, pulling my undies with them every time I bent down.  They didn’t look right either, too much baggage in the front making me look bigger than I really am.  I missed my jeans and my body from 2 years ago.  So I quietly vowed to myself to try harder.  I started running a few times a week and kept going instead of stopping after a couple weeks like I tend to do.  I started working out with Jillian Michaels on my days off from running and I have to say that she will kick your ass, she did mine!  (Seriously, the 3-$10 DVDs from Wal-mart were money well spent!)  I try not to eat as much, but I love food and am addicted to chocolate.  I still eat, but I’ve lowered my portion sizes, (except for last night when GC made pizza…) we don’t really have junk in the house, and I haven’t been baking – something I used to do every week.  I’m pretty pumped about this recent development.

The second thing that happened is less vain and probably more exciting to read about.

I forgot something big today, but that’s not the amazing part, I forget stuff all the time (just ask GC.)  “Yikes!  Oh Crap!  Sh@t!!”  is what I thought when my brain woke up this morning.  I was groggily standing in my little closet, struggling with my ancient sports bra, pumping myself up about finishing the movie Bride Wars while I ran a 5 miler on my treadmill as soon as the Roc got on the bus…when I remembered that the Roc had a dentist appointment scheduled for 10 am…

Did you catch the fact that I totally forgot about it?  I didn’t prep the Roc this weekend.  We didn’t talk about his last visit or this upcoming one.  We didn’t go over where the dentist is located, what the waiting room looks like, that he would go back without me like he did last time, or discuss the chair.  We didn’t go over the steps of the visit or how the hygienist would talk to him and that he should obey her, let her look at his teeth, touch his teeth, and clean his teeth.  I didn’t remind him last night about the change in schedule.  We didn’t talk about it at all.


I hung my head as my thoughts spun in different directions at how this morning might go.  I gathered my clothes (the jeans!) for the day and hopped in the shower, figuring that today would be an errand day and I would not work out as I originally planned.  Upon exiting the shower I could hear the Roc getting frustrated with some toy in the loft area upstairs and my stomach knotted thinking about the worst case scenario of our morning with the dentist.  I decided to try to spin this change in routine as brightly as possible and hope for the best.  “Good morning Roc!  Guess what?  You can take a bath this morning because Mommy is going to drive you to school late!  Guess where you get to go today?!!!  The DENTIST!  Won’t that be fun!!”  (please buy it kid, please!) The Roc looked at me…and smiled.  I moved him along, let him take a bath and didn’t say another word about the dentist until he was eating his breakfast 30 minutes later.  I reminded him that his hygienist is really cool, super nice and that she loved to talk with him.  I also reminded him of the cool chair that lays back and the fact that there will be a TV on the ceiling and headphones he can wear so he can watch cartoons!  “Yay!!!” he squealed.  I kept the talk shiny and bright and when snow started blowing around outside I knew I would have no trouble getting him to leave the house, “Hey Roc, it’s snowing!  Do you want to drive through the snow?  Let’s go to the dentist!”  With that said he was very willing to don his hat, gloves and jacket to get in the car.  Whew!  I breathed a sigh of relief and geared up for the next steps of our dentist trip.  I felt like we were on our way to having a successful morning.

It continued when we got to the dentist.  I could tell the Roc was a bit anxious when we got in the waiting room as he made his latest repetitive noise (sounds like a hissing cat) a few times.  Luckily he was called back immediately so we just had to get his winter gear off and then he went back.  I sat in the waiting room half listening to the TV and half listening for any sort of Roc noise from the back.  I only heard the TV.  In no time the hygienist came to get me, and as we walked back she said “He did great!  We weren’t able to x-ray the back teeth as he didn’t seem to understand exactly what I was asking of him, and I didn’t want to make any part of this experience traumatic for him, so we’ll just try again in 6 months.”  Thank goodness for her.  When I got to her bay the Roc was laying back in the chair, headphones on, giggling at the TV above him.  He stayed that way while we talked (no cavities!) and I got to see him in action when the dentist came in to take a peek at his teeth.  He made eye contact, answered the couple questions asked, and then he did as he was told and opened wide so the dentist could check out all of his teeth!  He was so good!

I was amazed that with no prep, only a few snippets of conversation this morning about the dentist, that he did so well!

Then, as I parked the car in front of his school the Roc started to ramp it up in the backseat.  I told him to be calm and to use his words when he said, “I’m feeling a little bit anxious Mommy.  I don’t know what my class is doing right now.”  O.M.G.  He was able to pull himself down as he was gearing up, identify and then explain what he was feeling and what was upsetting him.  I gave him a little play by play of how we were going to get from the car to the office to his classroom and what to expect.  Then he said, “And my teacher will help me if I don’t know what to do.”  !!!  Something I say to him all the time!  Ask for help and you will get help!  He was a bit tentative to enter his classroom but as soon as the special ed teacher told him to unpack his bag and join his friends on the carpet he left my side and started his day.  After a quick conversation with the special ed teacher, in which she reiterated how great he is doing, how he is sounding out words himself during writing, I left the room smiling.

It was a pretty amazing Monday morning in our corner of the world!

(Oh, and the jeans?  I forgot to mention that I only wore them for 4 hours today, that I had to peel them off as soon as I got home from dropping the Roc off at school.  Large, angry red indentations marked my hips, and my thighs breathed a sigh of relief as they were released from their sausage-like encasing.  But hey!  I got them ON!  They were buttoned!  That’s the important part of that story!)


13 thoughts on “Jeans + Dentist

  1. Woo hoo! This is the second post I’ve read today about successful slimming. I own a Jillian Michaels DVD, and this has to be a nudge to do something about the muffin top thing I’ve got going on this winter.

    The Roc is doing great! And how awesome are dentists like that? Worth their weight in gold.

  2. OMG! You are too funny!!! I am so hoping to fit back into my jeans soon too!

    I am so happy to hear how great the Roc is doing!!! Mom Amente was telling me all the awesome stuff he was doing last weekend. He is totally what she needed after her NJ trip.

  3. This post is amazing in that we are living parallel lives at the moment! OK – first of all – last Wednesday I fit into a pair of my jeans too! Before my (surprise!) pregnancy I had tossed all my “transitional” clothes as I was done ever being pregnant (so I thought) and didn’t expect to ever need those bigger-sized jeans. So, post-partum here with Nolan and these last few pounds are hanging on and I refuse to go buy any bigger jeans. I have not started working out yet though – I’m sure that would help me get back into all my jeans.

    Secondly – love the Jillian Michaels workout. Was doing those last fall (pre-pregnancy) and I really toned up. It will kick your ass.

    Third – I totally forgot Sarah and Charlotte’s dentist appointment last week too. Remembered in the morning so there was very little prep. It went fine except she wouldn’t let them take an x-ray but they said a lot of kids are nervous about that the first time. Sarah’s first cleaning and she was all easy breezy of course.

    Awesome post, Kim, and I had just had to laugh at how similar it is to what’s happening here lately.

  4. Kudos on the jeans. But I’m KVELLING about the dentist and the Roc’s new ability to stop himself from ramping up and TELLING you what’s going on. HUGE. HUGE. Did I mention? HUGE! xo

  5. Awesome on both counts!!

    And having him tell you how he’s feeling about school? And offering up a solution himself?! Huge! Congratulations on all counts!!

  6. you’re so cute. you go, girl! i could just imagine you hyping up the dentist visit. hooray for the Roc!!! that is so amazing how he handled himself in the car! on the tough days, remind yourself of this and how far he’s come.

  7. “I’m feeling a little bit anxious Mommy. I don’t know what my class is doing right now.” PICK ME UP OFF THE FLOOR! Wow – I’m so glad that all went well, especially given the lack of prep time (I know too well how that is)! And yes, totally amazing that he expressed his anxiety. And yay on the jeans! Little by little we reach our goals! xo

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