Roc-isms, Part V

“Mommy!  Look at this! (shows me his drawing)  I had some good brain thinking in my head!”


“When can I go in the oil refinery?” 

“Ummm…not now.  That’s not a good place for kids.”

“When I’m big like Daddy I’ll go there.  Can I work there?”


“There is one drum and then there are multicle drums Mommy.  That’s what I mean about a drum set.  I want multicle drums.”


“Mommy, after I flush, where does my poop go?  Where does it go after the water treatment plant?”


“Mommy, when I’m big like Daddy and I go in the men’s room, will you come in and flush the toilet for me?  It’s too loud.”


“I don’t want Santa to look in my window…he’s a little bit scary.”


7 thoughts on “Roc-isms, Part V

  1. seriously? where does the poop go… after the water treatment plant? i LOVE this kid! (and i’d love to hear how you answered). 🙂

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