Early Christmas + Lots of Lights

My in-laws were in town last weekend.  It was a quick trip for them, up north to visit an old friend who is very ill.  Both a hard and happy visit.  We were glad to have them for a short period, and the Roc was especially overjoyed.  He loves to have visitors almost as much as he loves to travel.  We informed him on Thursday of their impending arrival the next day and I reminded him on Friday morning before he went to school.  That afternoon I could see him scanning the road for their truck as the school bus rounded the corner near our house, and the first thing he asked me when his feet hit the pavement was where Nonna and Noono were.  He literally waited (not patiently) at the window for almost 45 minutes and was a loony toon when they finally arrived, bouncing around, making silly (loud) repetitive noises.  So Excited.

He had so much fun while they were here.  He played upstairs with Nonna and she was impressed at how his play has changed.  The last time she saw him in October his play was very repetitive in form and function, two months later she marveled at his ability to switch gears and the new things he was thinking up.  She also was very impressed by how much he loves to draw!

While they were here we decided to do “early Christmas” and open our gifts to each other.  I was happy to do this because I love to see people’s faces when they open gifts and we usually never get to do this with my in-laws.  We surprised the Roc with “early Christmas” and he was E.X.C.I.T.E.D!!

He loves to open gifts,

and to see what other people get too!

I couldn’t wait for my father-in-law to open his gift.  I found it in a little shop in Chesapeake City and as soon as I saw it I thought of him and laughed.

It is an apron that says “Cook is Crabby…but Cute.”

I warned GC that he should stop making faces at me or I would put it on the internet…he didn’t listen!  (But at least he smiled!)

Then we enjoyed a few yummy Italian pastries!

It was a nice unexpected visit.


I knew the Roc would be disappointed when he got home from school on Monday afternoon, his Nonna and Nonno had left that morning to drive back down to South Carolina, so I asked GC if he wanted to check out the Christmas display at Longwood.  I had heard it was something to see and the Roc loves to go places in the dark and see lights.  When he found out where we were going he flipped and would hardly eat his dinner.  We met GC after work and headed up.

Everyone was right.  It is something to see!

Guess who totally loved it?  This kid:

His most favorite part?  The fountain show we passed right at the end!

Of course!


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