Scenes From Halloween

We avoided the hospital this Halloween – whew!

Halloween started with the Halloween party Fall Festival at the Roc’s school on Friday.  He missed it last year, and so I was excited (and a little nervous) to see how it would go this year.  I sent in his costume, told him I would be coming to the parade, and as I hurried to the back of the school at the designated parade start time I hoped for the best.  He was all smiles when he saw me and I was able to walk the parade route while holding his hand.  No silly stuff, no hand stuff, no weird repetitive noises, no running away from me, just walking in a line with his class…and me.  Success!  His teacher told me he was full of smiles all day.  The happy pirate.

*** Halloween ***

Getting ready with GC.

Trick-or-treating with the neighbor kids.


I was just about as proud of my polka-dotted pumpkin as GC was of his barfing pumpkin, but I was the most proud of the Roc who thoroughly enjoyed dressing up, ringing our neighbors doorbells, yelling trick-or-treat, and then doing it all over again at the next house.  He was “so excited!” all day and the night didn’t disappoint, for any of us.


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