Super Saturday

Saturday was a super busy day for the Roc, and it turned out to be a super day period.  He played soccer in the morning with the TOPS soccer team here in our town and had a great time.  He has been excited for soccer every Saturday ever since the season started on September 11, but in the past couple weeks he has seemed a bit more comfortable.  The 1 hour time slot they have is broken into little field drills where they kick the ball around cones, through hoops, to each other, and into the goal, followed by a game (which is more like an organized version of chaos, but funny to watch.)  The Roc has always liked the drills, the game part has been another story.  Too many people on the field, (each child has a buddy – which amounts to lots of people of many sizes running around, all after one little ball, on a kiddie soccer field) too much movement, too much noise, too much pressure for the Roc.  Usually I can see him start to get squirrely and then start playing with GC’s hands when it was time to start the “game,” a sure sign of sensory overload.  So during the game portion the Roc would hang back and watch, but over the last couple weeks GC has encouraged him to run with the pack, even if he wouldn’t get close to the ball.  Then on Saturday during the game he kicked the ball hard and straight, the grin on his face splitting the sun, and my heart swelled for him.  He was so proud of himself.  When they were done the soccer pictures were handed out.

Just like Challenger baseball, I love watching all the kids on the TOPS soccer team play and have fun, because that’s what it should be about.  Every child is cheered on, every child is encouraged to try and is given the time and space to do so.  I love the atmosphere, where a child throwing a tantrum, laying on the grass kicking and screaming, isn’t cause for embarrassment or criticism, just smiles of understanding, as we’ve all been there.  No judgment.  How often do you have the chance to surround yourself with people who are not judging you or your child for your parenting skills or their behavior.  It’s a safe place, and sometimes that feels so rare.

After soccer GC and the Roc had plans for their first father – son fishing outing to Lums Pond State Park, an anticipated event for all three of us.  GC and the Roc headed over to Wal-Mart for some fishing supplies, I made the Roc’s lunch, and then left for a long run (in the wind.)  When I came back they were gone and I was able to relax in the house on a sunny Saturday afternoon, it was a much needed break for me, and some good quality time for GC and the Roc.  They didn’t catch any fish, but they had fun.  GC said the Roc did great, loved walking around to different fishing locations, and he wasn’t upset that they didn’t catch any fish.

When the Roc busted through the front door upon his return home he was breathless with excitement.  I thought he was going to tell me about fishing, instead he announced “We’re going to play basketball!!  Will you come Mommy?!!!”  For many months now the Roc has been playing basketball with the Fischer-Price plastic hoop in our family room and he’s gotten pretty good!  GC decided it was time to take him over to the actual basketball court and let him try on the real basketball hoop.  I was a little worried, thinking the Roc would get really frustrated and we would have a huge screaming meltdown…but nothing ever goes like you think it will, including when you assume the worst.

The Roc loved it,

and he was good too!

(That one totally went in.  Actually he made more shots than GC!)

There were a few moments of frustration, but GC talked him through it.

I actually tried a few times, and missed most of  my shots.

So I spent most of my time watching and taking pictures.  Guinness watched with me.

GC  missed most of his shots too, saying that it figures that the one (and possibly only) sport that he knows nothing about the Roc LOVES.  He did make this shot though.

Impressive, eh?

After basketball we took the boy and the dog to the dog park.  It was packed and Guinness ran around like a maniac and even made friends with a Great Dane.  The Roc usually lasts about 5 minutes before he starts asking to walk over the bridge (which is actually a fishing dock) so GC took him and the fishing stuff over to the dock while I stayed back with Guinness.  He ran and ran and ran.  When I walked over to the dock GC told me they had caught one fish, and not long after they caught another!

By the end of the evening the Roc was wiped out, but he had a great day!

It was a super Saturday!

6 thoughts on “Super Saturday

  1. Roc gets the most photogenic award. He just has the best smile in every pic! So great that he’s able to participate in sports. Looks like he’s got good athletic genes from both sides!

  2. Oh, my gosh … what a small world and a small state! 🙂 Just saw your note on my blog and you’re absolutely right, our kids are indeed on the same team.

    Love The Roc’s picture! Boo took a more serious approach to his, which is to be expected.

    Will you be at the game on Saturday? I’d love to meet you and say hi. Drop me an email …

  3. Also meant to add that Boo loves basketball too … we have a net in our driveway (when we’re not under a tornado watch like we currently are). The Roc has a standing invitation to come over anytime (we have a street sweeper that comes through our neighborhood, too … if we are in the same development, that will be too funny).

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