On My Fridge

We got an invitation in the mail yesterday.  An invitation to a birthday party at a place the Roc LOVES – Pump It Up!  The party is over two weeks away…and I made the mistake of telling him yesterday.  Thus, this is on my fridge:

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times the Roc has asked me when the party is (go count the days Buddy!) or told me about the two gyms inside and reminded me of all the different bouncy houses (and the fact that there will be cake at the end.)  He’s excited!

Also on our fridge is a list of the rules, a list of good behaviors, and his daily behavior chart that we just started today, complete with three stars and 1 X – a pretty good morning at the Roc’s house.  The bus will be spluttering down the road in a few minutes to deliver him back home, and I’m hopeful that there will be more stars than X’s at the end of the day.

Hope keeps me going.


6 thoughts on “On My Fridge

  1. Just went to our first GLOW in the dark moon bounce party. What’ll they think of next?!

    Your countdown is a great idea. I hope that Roc will enjoy anticipating the special day.

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