An Epic Weekend

It’s no secret, the Roc loves water, and he especially loves waterfalls.  Many months ago GC showed the Roc some waterfall videos on You Tube.  One of those videos became a favorite and was requested over and over and over again.  It was a 10 minute video of Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania.  It mesmerized the Roc, completely.

So we decided to go visit.

The Roc was soooo excited when we got out of the car on Saturday morning.  He was literally bouncing up and down, manically grinning, and repetitively repeating “I’m so excited!  Let’s go mommy!  Hurry up!”  As soon as we got on the trail he lead us off the path right to the water, and we were still over a mile away from the first waterfall!  He was all smiles, so happy to be outside.

We didn’t rush and let the Roc stop at each and every waterfall for as long as he wanted.

We hiked up one side of the Falls Trail and back down the same side, deciding not to risk the whole loop in one day, and when we got back down to the bottom the Roc insisted on throwing rocks into the stream.  There’s just something about little boys and rocks.

That night we stayed at a Residence Inn and while GC made dinner in the teeny, tiny kitchen,

the Roc made a waterfall on the couch.

The Roc has stayed in cabins in northern Minnesota, but this was his very first hotel experience.  We decided not to tell him there was pool there (or we’d hear about it all day) until we were ready to go swimming.  So while I was washing the dishes, GC had the Roc go look out the window where you could see a little bit of the indoor pool below us.  His expression was priceless as he realized what he was looking at.  He had a great time swimming in the (cold) pool,

and he even sat in the hot tub with me for a little bit.

We decided to hike up the other side of the Falls Trail on Sunday.  It proved to be just as beautiful,

but much steeper, see the trail there right next to the waterfall?

It was just a little bit nerve wrecking to hike this with the Roc!  We stayed glued to his side during each ascent.

We hiked to the 96 foot waterfall, but the Roc wouldn’t get any closer for a photo so I took his place.

After hiking up, up, up we found a great place to stop for lunch.

The scenery was beautiful, and when we got to the top of the Falls Trail we decided to hike across the Highland Trail and go back down the side we climbed the day before.  I couldn’t imagine hiking down the waterfalls we’d just climbed up with the Roc.

The Roc thoroughly enjoyed himself at Ricketts Glen.  We hiked around 5 miles on Saturday and just over 7 on Sunday, and the Roc really hung in there, only really showing how worn out he was about a mile out from the car on Sunday afternoon.  It was a great weekend, one we will not forget.


12 thoughts on “An Epic Weekend

  1. That looks gorgeous! You couldn’t have picked a more beautiful time of the year for this hike. And I’m so impressed with the Roc and his endurance for long hikes. That truly is a weekend to remember.

  2. Pudding LOVES waterfalls too. She makes her own by transferring water from one cup to another, or just turning the tap on and hands in there. I think they’re pretty, but clearly she is seeing something else that makes them so mesmerizing.

    Your photos are amazing. Great colours, and movement on the water. I’m also going to google map this- can’t be that far from us…

  3. No mention of my hiking boot falling apart and having to get new ones 🙂 It was a weekend to remember. For those of you that want to know where it is – its in Sweet Valley, PA.

  4. GORGEOUS!! I love the way Roc adores the water; he and Nik would get along so well! Now you’ve made me think about planning a trip there with my guys. *sigh*

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