The Roc had a field trip today to an apple orchard, complete with a hayride.  I did not sign up to chaperon this field trip as the Roc tends to act much different when I am present at school functions.  I didn’t worry about him though, he has been very good about regulating his behavior at school, and his teacher does an excellent job handling him, but I did wonder about him during the day.  I wondered how he was doing, if he was having a good time, if I should have prepped him with a social story, and if he behaved himself during the hayride – the part he was most looking forward to, and I felt a little pang of regret that I didn’t sign up to tag along.  But again I reminded myself that my presence is not always needed, and in fact, seems to unsettle him when I show up at school, and I wanted him to fully enjoy this field trip.

Of course when he got home I asked him about his day.  If he went on a field trip – yes.  If he went on a hayride – yes.  If he had fun – yes.  If he picked an apple – yes.  If he saw any animals – yes.  Then he volunteered that the hayride was his favorite part and asked if we could go play upstairs.  I knew that our “conversation” about the field trip was over.  I thought that would be all I would ever know about the special day, but then I got an email from his teacher,

Look at how cute this picture is!!!  He was soooo happy and excited all day!  He said on the walk to the hayride  “I can hardly wait!”  He did so well, didn’t seem nervous or anxious one bit!!!

complete with a picture of the Roc enjoying the hayride.

The proof is in the picture, he had a great time on the field trip!


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