A Few Words Wednesday (More Beach Photos)

Went to the beach on Monday.

Maybe someday I’ll learn to do this.

Then again, maybe not.  When her boyfriend/husband/man friend (pick one) tried it – he kept falling off.  I guess it’s harder than it looks.

Catching birds is also hard, Guinness tried anyway, and then had to settle for watching them from a beach towel.

Found a tennis ball.

Found a tidal pool.

The Roc wanted to get his clothes all wet, but I knew he would be very uncomfortable later, so I let him go in his underwear.  He surprised me by saying “But I don’t want anyone to see me in my underwear.”  I told him to stay seated if someone happened to walk by.  He watched for people to come.

Then promptly stood up when they got close, shooting me a “what are you going to do about it” grin.  I just shook my head.  Only a few people passed us and caught a glimpse of the Roc in his undies, and I think he’s still at an age where this was okay, though I’m sure GC would have just let him get all his clothes wet!

Later, as we strolled back to the car, I went over in my head the fact that he verbalized he didn’t want anyone to see him in his underwear.

The self awareness.  That’s new.

Interesting things have been happening lately.


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