Then & Now

I started to write a very wordy post about progress and time, but I got sidetracked, then blocked, my mind all twisty with the what I wanted to convey and couldn’t with words.  So I’ll just let the pictures do what my words couldn’t.


I was flipping through the Roc’s kindergarten binder from last year as I added papers to the one I started for this year and I began to compare.  My mouth gaped open as I noticed the big, huge changes, and the progress he has made in a year.  Take a look.

A “drawing” from last year.

This year.

A worksheet from last year.

He scribbled all over the page and someone answered the question for him with a highlighter.  He was most likely supposed to trace over the 11 and didn’t.

A little book titled “my shape book” came home last week.  On the cover was a note that made me smile.

100% independent.  No extra verbal prompts!!!  🙂

Inside the Roc had colored in the shapes, cut them out (and the edges were clean, no highlighted line for him to follow with his scissors), and pasted them on the pages with corresponding shapes.  He did all of that independently.  Last year he couldn’t do that.  He needed someone to tell him what to do, to highlight where to cut, to prompt him to continue, to encourage him to color, to keep him going, to help him paste, to make sure he finished.

100% independent.  I’m amazed.

And so grateful that I followed my gut and made sure the Roc repeated kindergarten.  It was the right decision and it feels so good to know I did the right thing for him.

So good.


5 thoughts on “Then & Now

  1. Hmmm, you’re making the wheels turn in my head…

    Such great progress Roc has made. The gift of time and trusting your instincts is obviously paying off in many, many ways both in and out of school. 🙂

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