Wake Up

I was asleep, dozing in the early yellow light that streams through the blinds of our bay window.  Far away I heard a door shut, a few seconds later little feet padded down the hall, and I heard the tiny giggles as he entered the room.  I cracked an eyelid and saw his blond hair, mischief filled eyes, and toothy grin inches from my face.  I scooted back, allowing him to climb up and under the blanket, closing my eyes once again.  He lay with his back to me and I pulled him closer breathing deep, knowing that my time would soon be up.  He giggled as he rolled to face me, I didn’t yet open my eyes.  I saw the shadow of his arm in the air above me and heard him say, “It’s a birdie, a birdie flying.”  I smiled inside to note how far he has traveled to get to the place where his hand through the air is a bird.  I sensed his hand before I felt the tiny fingers lightly bounce off my cheek.

“The bird pooped on your face.”

A laugh exploded from deep in my belly and my eyes flew open.  Causing him to squeal, “The bird pooped on your face!  The bird pooped on your face!”  Lots of giggling and tickling followed.

Not a bad way to start the day…


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