Grandma Visits

Last week my Mom came to visit.  It went by fast and was all too short, but we had fun.  On Monday we went to Longwood Gardens, a place we both love, almost as much as the Roc.  The weather was perfect and we were able to walk slowly through the flower gardens,

where we saw a big fat cat just like one of mine at home.

I made my Mom sit in the bee chair and took a picture just like I do to the Roc every time we visit.

We spent a good amount of time walking through the conservatory, something I can never do with the Roc, he starts to get squirmy whenever we go in there.  He loves the children’s garden, but after that he wants to get back outside.  I was glad for the chance to observe and smell the flowers.

On Tuesday we headed over to Chesapeake City, someplace I’ve been meaning to go for a long time.  We walked, stopped into a few stores (where I scored 2 Christmas gifts for family members, love when I can actually get started this early) and ate lunch outside.

That afternoon my Mom came with to the Roc’s horseback riding lesson.  She hasn’t seen him ride since last fall, and noticed a difference in the skills he was working on.  On thing that hasn’t changed is that he still smiles throughout the lesson, even when riding backwards!

On Wednesday we went to Historic New Castle to walk around and have lunch.  We saw an old church and graveyard and decided to visit right before we left.  It was amazing to read the inscriptions on these very old tombstones, some from the late 1790s.

Our time was over quickly and before I knew it, Thursday had arrived and it was time to bring my Mom back to the airport.  We had such a nice visit and my mom helped out so much while she was here.  She played with the Roc everyday when he got home from school and while I made dinner.  She even put the Roc to bed so GC and I could go out to dinner one night and then again another night so he could come to dog training, something we almost never get to do – have time together, alone.  I knew it would be hard for me and the Roc when she had to go back to Minnesota.  We warned him the night before that Grandma would be leaving while he was at school on Thursday, but that didn’t stop him from asking for her upon exiting the bus that afternoon, and then getting upset when he realized she wasn’t there.  He loves his Grandma,

and it shows.


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