Kingergarten: Round 2

The first day of school.  Yippee!  The morning started with a big breakfast.

(2 dippy eggs, 2 egg whites, 2 pieces of toast, 1 piece of bacon…seriously)

Some goop.

Coloring with markers.

Outside to wait for the bus.  Some jumping jacks, running in place, car push ups, wheel barrow walking, and high jumps for system regulation.  Then the obligatory first day of school photos.

Some tickling on the front stoop and then the bus arrives!!

I’ll admit to being just a wee bit more excited about the bus arrival than the Roc.  It’s been a long couple weeks and I’ve been hanging on by my fingernails desperately trying not to slide down the slippery slope into crazy town.

But, I made it.  Barely.  We survived the summer.

Let the school year begin!


9 thoughts on “Kingergarten: Round 2

  1. How cute is he?

    You are such a great mum to organise all those activities before school! It makes such a difference to their day.

    I hope he had a great day 🙂

  2. god, he’s gorgeous. i can’t get over that smile! and um, how the heck do you fit all that into a morning before school? we’re just running around trying to get out the door! impressive, mom!!

  3. Oh, he is some kind of CUTE!! Growing up looks good on him!
    Totally impressed with how you run your morning. We consider it a score here if everyone leaves in shoes. Nice job Mama!

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